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Carolann Hughes

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We are a Canadian couple who are travelling the world  blogging and working towards living the digital nomad lifestyle! We are passionate about exploring new places, trying new food and making new friends along the way!

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ATokyo: Layover in Tokyo, what to do with a short period of time

If you're just looking for a short excursion not too far from the airport with super easy access, Narita​ is a good option. yes, it is quiet and small, but it'll give you a bit of the Japanese feel and culture without having to travel too long... See More

AJapan: Japan or Taiwan for a 2 week trip in September or October?

The answer would really depend on what exactly you are looking to do as both are nice at that time of year. There is a lot to do in both cities, but you could probably occupy the entire two weeks in Tokyo​ and not see it all. Taipei​​... See More

ATaipei: What are great things to do in Taipei that aren't crowded with tourists?

Elephant mountain is becoming a tourist destination but it's really a local activity. Near Taipei 101​, you can hike up the (MANY) steps to the top to watch the sunset over the city - it's incredible! Jiufen​ is north of Taipei... See More

ABeijing: Non-Mandarin speaking family visiting Beijing: should we hire a translator?

Personally, I would say you don't need to hire a tour guide for translation. It's definitely not incredibly English-friendly depending especially on where in the city you stay, but it's not terribly difficult to navigate. There are many signs in English (transit... See More

ABeijing: Should Non-Mandarin speaking Family of Five rent a car in Beijing?

It is CRAZY!!! We've driven in some ridiculous driving conditions but we didn't even try in Beijing. Perhaps on the road it would have looked different, but from the sidewalk...not so much. Having said that, the subway system was SUPER easy to use and cheap. It'll... See More

AThailand: Best islands for island hopping in Thailand not including Phuket?

Which islands will probably depend on how you want to travel the country. BUT, if you want to have a central location where you can visit a few islands, We'd suggest staying on Koh Samui​(where there are many options for hotels and resorts) and taking... See More

ATokyo: Where is the best sushi for first-timers to Tokyo?

Well, we LOVE Japanese food ourselves and honestly, we've yet to find sushi that wasn't good here (even at the convenience stores!). If you are looking for more upscale restaurants with absolutely incredible sushi, then the ones mentioned in the previous response... See More

ATokyo: Best areas in Tokyo for shopping?

Depends on what you are looking to buy! I agree that Harajuku is a great place to go for just about any type of clothing and accessory. It's also close enough to Shibuya to walk and you'll... See More

AThailand: What are the best places to visit near Phuket?

As far as activities go: If you want to do a bit of island hopping you can see Coral Island Resort​ - a great beach for water and beach activities and a beautiful view, Koh Phi Phi​ - two amazing islands, but very popular, Krabi​... See More

AHow to go about setting up a phone in another country?

We unlocked a phone to use for data plans and phone numbers overseas and kept the other one but only use it when we have a WiFi connections. You definitely need to make sure you have it unlocked, especially when using an iPhone as a few countries have told us they've... See More

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