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Brad Wong



About Me

Born and raised in Sydney, currently living in Ubud, Bali with my fiancee. I've also lived in Mumbai, India and Budapest, Hungary. Incredibly fortunate to have travelled to lots of places: India three times including riding a rickshaw through the south states, backpacking in South America for almost a year and various sojourns throughout Europe. Generally of the opinion that 'less is more' when travelling - better to experience places in depth rather than skipping from sight to sight. Lately I've been getting into travel of a spiritual nature - exploring Buddhist, Hindu, Yogic philosophies through travel which I'm chronicling on my blog OmtheRoad

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ABali: Bali vs Philippines, whats the best place to live/work?

Hey Goncalo, I can't speak for Philippines, but my fiancee and I moved to Bali about 5 months ago and we love it here. Judging by your criteria, I think you may like Ubud​ or Canggu​ as places to settle in Bali. There are quite... See More

QYogyakarta: Cool things to do in, around Yogyakarta over 2 days apart from Borobudur

Next weekend my fiancee and I are heading to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for the first time - we land on Friday, with two nights in town and then a night at the hotel inside Borobudur. Any suggestions of what to do? We're planning on a day in yogya, then a day of tours to... See More

QJapan: Interesting guidebooks for cool, funky, urban side of Japan?

My sister is turning 18 soon, and she has a massive fascination with Japan. She plans on doing her first solo trip there later in the year and I want to get her a guidebook that will inspire and get her excited to explore.  Japan has lots of different sides, but she's... See More

ARome: Need Rome apartment for 4, near Piazza Navona or Fiori, March 2015

Hi Lee - have you tried airbnb? Last year I stayed in a great airbnb apartment in Rome two summers ago that basically fits your description.  2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, elevator, about 5 min walk from Piazza Navona. It's approx 200 USD per night. The place is very tastefully... See More

ALeh: Help for trip itinerary for Leh, Ladakh

Hey Akash - I hope you won't mind if I recommend that you spend some time outside of Leh during your 7 days since there is so much beauty to Ladakh outside the capital. And Leh itself really only needs a few days to see everything.  There are two villages that are... See More

AMangalore: Seeking hidden treasures in India too good to miss!

In Mumbai​, there are two restaurants that aren't quite in the tourist areas, but well worth trying if you want some hidden gems. In these places I was fortunate enough to eat two of the best Indian meals of my life.  The first is a hard to find... See More

AAustralia: Driving Rental Cars at Night

Hi Donna, I recently hired a car in Perth in Western Australia and was surprised that this clause was indeed included in the hire contract. To be clear we were allowed to drive the car at night, but we were not allowed to drive the car between cities, on country roads past... See More

ASydney: Where to take parents around Sydney?

It really depends what your parents like but if they are reasonably active, I can't go past a kayak to Shark Island​. You can rent kayaks from Point Piper Kayak  Centre​ for about an hour or two and just paddle out there. When you get past the... See More

ARome: Best places to eat in Rome

When I went to Rome last summer, one of the difficult things was sorting out the tourist traps from the genuinely good Italian restaurants. We tried a lot of places, and most were quite average to be honest. The one place that stuck out was Beere Taverna E Vineria​ (Beere... See More

AChile: To do the W trek or not

I would have to second that about the W. The park is one of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever seen in my life and the trek was simply amazing - a highlight of my journey to South America.  The diversity of the natural environment is what I think made the... See More

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