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ACabo San Lucas: Aquila bus schedule

Todos los Santos​ Is a Really cool city and there's buses everyday. See More

ASalt Lake City: Place to stay with a toddler and dogs

The best thing to do, in my opinion. Would be to AirBnB something, then you can talk to some pretty chill people and ask them if they're okay with pets. I'm sure someone will come through. Hope it helps. See More

ACabo San Lucas: Best Resorts in Cabo with Fun Activities

There's so so many hotels over there like it's crazy. Honestly best thing to do is find the cheapest, to save some money. And then Cabo Adventures is really good for water activities, and Wild Canyon well that one is really good for land activities (desert themed.)... See More

ACabo San Lucas: Transportation to Thompson Hotel

SuburCABOS​. It's like $25 pesos, it passes all through the Transpeninsular(Main Road.) See More

ACabo San Lucas: Looking for adventures in Cabo!

Well there's so many things, you can check both Cabo Adventures, or Wild Canyon. They have things like bungee, or a 300ft drop swing, also you can dive with whale-sharks. ATV's by the beach, I hope those aren't the typical things, also make sure to go by the The... See More

ASalt Lake City: What is your favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City?

So here in Utah, unlike other places around the world. We have something called fry sauce, and some very unique Pastrami burgers. So be sure to stop by either Crown Burgers​, Astro Burgers​, Apollo Burger​. Us Uthans... See More

ACatalina Island: How are the beaches on Catalina Island and in Ensenada?

It depends on the season, but In summer the beaches in Ensenada​ are perfect. But If you go in winter then you'll most likely freeze your butt off. Enjoy everything the most you can offcourse. Good luck! See More

ASalt Lake City: Best free things to do in Salt Lake City?

Well theSalt Lake City Public Library​ is a pretty sick looking building with glass elevators. Also don't miss going to temple square lights on the night time, right now while it's cold. I don't go downtown much, bot both those things are... See More

AEnsenada: Best (or safe) places to stay in Ensenada?

AirBnB, there's some pretty amazing hotels by the scenic route B/W Tijuana​ and Ensenada​, also the dollar is at 20 pesos so It's like half the price for us lol. It's safe enought to drive your car. Stories usually happen... See More

ASalt Lake City: What's the best, cant-miss meal in Salt Lake City?

Go to Crown Burgers​, get a pastrami burger. And FRYSAUCE it's something you've most likely never heard of. But try it on your fries, it's incredible. I moved here 4 years ago. And it's so so good. Hope I helped, drive safe! See More

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