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Amy Marie



About Me

In 2012, I packed all I owned into my car and drove from Florida to California. One year later, I packed what I needed into a backpack and flew to Peru. 

Currently writing an info ebook on Cusco for expats. Sign up to be notified when it's published on Amazon!

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QParis: What's it like to stay in the 15th arrondissement?

I'm looking at staying for about 2 months in the 15th arrondissement in Paris, near the Rue du Commerce. I know this is a very residential neighborhood, with nothing touristic, and I am a bit worried I will be bored. I am used to staying in the 6th and 7th arrondissements,,... See More

QParis: Should I stay near Eiffel Tower or city center (Notre Dame area)?

Ah, yes, the unending debate over best places to stay in Paris. :) Well, at first, I was looking to stay near the Eiffel Tower, and I REALLY wanted a view of the Eiffel Tower from my flat's window. I have found such a place, but it is in Passy (16th arrondissement).... See More

QEurope: What are good "base" cities from which to explore Western Europe?

I'd like to use one city as a base for 3 months, and from there, explore the rest of Western Europe. Which cities would be good for this in terms of ease of living and ease of getting from one city to the next? See More

AInca Trail: Inca Trail tips?

My biggest tip is to book as early as you possibly can. As the most popular hike to Machu Picchu​, the Inca Trail​ can sell out several months in advance because it requires a permit; a maximum of 500 permits are... See More

QSan Francisco: Do I need a car in the Portola district of San Francisco?

I'm looking at a long-term stay in the Portola district in SF, but it looks very out of the way and not very accessible via public transit. I will not have a car with me, so I'm worried it'll be hard to get anywhere or do anything. Do you think I need a car... See More

QPortland: Dog-Friendly shops, restaurants, and other spots in Portland?

I'll be dog sitting in Portland this year, and I've never been to this city! Where are some good places I can shop, eat, and play with my fluffy companion? See More

ASouth America: Adventure experiences in Peru, hiking, rafting, surfing?

That's exciting! You will LOVE Peru! One thing you must do if you want off the beaten path, is hike to Choquequirao​. I never went, but I met a woman who traveled there and she said the experience was amazing--better than her trip to Machu Picchu.... See More

QTax season approaches! Long-term travelers, how do you handle taxes?

Taxes aren't very fun to talk about, but many globetrotters need advice on it! Lots of travelers work online or grab odd jobs in each country they visit, while maintaining residency/citizenship in a different country.  This obviously gets tricky when it comes to tax... See More

AFlorida: Where is the best beach town in Florida?

Oh, this is tough one! Florida obviously has many awesome beaches. St Augustine​ has old-school charm--it's the oldest city in the USA! (Well, before Pensacola natives get mad at me, to be specific, St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied European... See More

QToronto: Best neighborhoods in Toronto?

I'm looking at places to stay in Toronto, but I know nothing about the neighborhoods. Could you tell me which neighborhoods are the best as far as - Good location. Either close to public transportation or within walking distance to major attractions. - Safe - Good... See More

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