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I'm usually a solo traveler. I've visited Europe about 15 times with visits that lasted from 2-11 weeks. I've hitchhiked from Cambridge to the Orkneys, to the Outer Hebribes, around Ireland. I've used Eurail, and month-long French Rail passes. I haven't visited the Scandinavian countries, Greece, Poland, Russia or the countries that formerly made up Yugoslavia, but have spent time in Germany, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic. I spent 6 weeks in Egypt in 1978, from Alexandria to Abu Simbel. I visited Australia for a total of 2 months in 91-92. I've also traveled extensively in the Western U.S. and know my way around the Spring Training ballparks in and around Phoenix AZ. I usually seek out bargain hotels and rely on public transportation and my feet when touring in Europe or Australia.

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