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Tereza Vítková



About Me

Hi there! 
I´m a co-founder of Guidilo - an online marketplace that connects travelers with Prague‘s local people so that they could share their interests in a way that goes beyond the traditional tourist concept.
Are you thinking about taking vacation in Prague and wish to explore some hidden gems that can be found here?  Just ask me the question!

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Czech Republic

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AAirfare & Airline Hacks

Applicable to all airlines / booking websites: Don't forget to delete cookies after every search. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you've visited before... Special tip: when reserving... See More

AWhat's your best travel hack?

#1 When booking flights and hotels online enable private browsing. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you've visited before. #2 When reserving seats for... See More

ABest travel quotes?

"Collect moments, not things" ​More travel quotes also here available ​. Happy travels! See More

APrague: Things to do for a Solo Traveler in Prague and is it safe?

Hi Nishta! As a woman local resident in Prague​ I can conclude that Prague is a very safe city. In fact, the Czech Republic​ is one of the safest contries in the world, so no worries...  ​But always trust your instincts (as... See More

APrague: Special attractions in Prage

Hi Nurit, depends on your interests: Are you an architecture or history buff? Or do you prefer sports? Or more beer & food? Are you looking for something adventurous or relaxing? Prague​ has a lot to offer to everyone ;-) Have a great time in... See More

APrague: Is a week too long in Prague?

Hi Abi, there's always something interesting to discover. You won't be bored, no worries... So if you'd like to visit other cities, I'd recommend also all the mentioned towns and add Hluboka nad Vltavou​ or Marianske Lazne​​... See More

APrague: Best local eats in Prague?

Hello everyone! In addition to great answers given before, I'll add the following: Head to Bistro Sisters​ for Czech famous open sandwiches (chlebíčky) For lunch go to Maso a kobliha​ or Malostranská beseda​... See More

ACzech Republic: Best Neighborhoods in Prague and towns that are nearby and relaxing

Hi Tony, and how about the Vinohrady​ district? Good location for escaping the busy life with beautiful architecture. I'd personally recommend Le Palais Art Hotel​  Cesky Krumlov​, Hluboka nad Vltavou​... See More

APrague: Drinking

Hi Jennie! Prague Castle​ area is usually crowded and overpriced, nevertheless you can still find good restaurants & bars. I don't know what exactly do you prefer, so here you are some suggestions: Malostranská beseda​ offers... See More

AEurope: Ideas for a European weekend getaway in November?

Hi Jacqui! Prague​ is always a good idea :-) Cheap & direct flights from London, accommodation prices reasonable, easy walkable, crowds are light and you'll really appreciate warming up in all the cozy restaurants and cafés... Should you need... See More

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