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Hjörtur Smárason



About Me

Travel and social media addict. Place branding specialist. Explorer. Suffering from insatiable curiosity. Taught marketing and innovation at university. Born in Iceland, citizen of the world, father of 5.

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QKathmandu: What experiences should I not miss in Kathmandu?

I'm heading to Kathmandu next week (during monsoon) for work. I wan't to find some great local experiences in the city, restaurants, events or whatever you recommend. What do you need to do to experience authentic Kathmandu? See More

QMontenegro: What to do and see in Montenegro?

I'm heading to Montenegro in about ten days from now. I've already travelled extensively in Croatia and been to Kotor in Montenegro before, but I want to know what more I should do or experience in Montenegro? Any recommendations? See More

AMontenegro: Conditition of the roads from Greece to Montenegro?

I would love to know as well but see you haven't got answers yet, so if you get info or if you just go for it and see for yourself, please share here what you've found out. See More

ASweden: Scandinavia this summer: what to do and how to see the aurora borealis?

Hi Bryson Scandinavia is both very big and quite expensive, so it is limited how much of it you can experience in that short of mount of time, especially if you want to do some trekking. But I do have some recommendations. If you are flying from the States to Copenhagen​,... See More

AOslo: Where to get the best Norwegian food in Oslo?

Hey Jillian! What an excellent choice. Norway is a stunningly beautiful country pretty much everywhere. But I've got both bad news and good news. Let's start with the bad news. There is no such thing as cheap food in Norway. Not even a hot dog or a pizza slice... See More

AAny advice for a new travel blogger?

Hi Lisa Welcome to the ever growing world of travel blogging :)  There is myriad of travel blogs out there so you need to ask yourself a couple of question. 1. What is this blog for? Are you blogging as a diary on your travels mostly for your self, is it to update friends... See More

ADubrovnik: Hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia

It all depends on your preferences. You can find some really great apartments to rent through websites like airbnb that are in Stari Grad​, the medieval part of Dubrovnik - and that is perfect if you're there without a car and just for the city. ... See More

AIceland: What should we pack?

You have to be prepared for anything in May in Iceland​. You can get lucky with sunshine and even 10-15°C, and you can get a blizzard.  If you are going hiking, you have to make sure that you are very well dressed in layers, with a wind and waterproof... See More

QAthens: What to do in Athens with kids in February?

I'm thinking of taking my kids (4 kids aged 6 to 18) to Athens for 1-2 weeks in February. What activities do you recommend in and around Athens for a large family on a budget? Ps. I love history and am looking particularly at Athens in the 11th century AD, but my kids... See More

ANorway: Finding fuel stations in Norway and Finland?

There can easily be 200 km or close to that between fuel stations. I drove last spring from Skibotn​ to Kilpisjarvi​ and then onwards to Kiruna​. The stretch from Kilpisjärvi to the Swedish border had no service... See More

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