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ABerlin: Day trip from Berlin

You can't really get to Denmark in under 4 hours. And it's so cheap to fly to Billund and Copenhagen that you probably wouldn't want to drive anyways. On the other hand, you can get deep into Poland in 4 hours so that's what I would do. The only place I've... See More

ATips for moving internationally?

Port your phone number to Google Voice. This makes things SO nice. As long as you have WIFI/data connection, you can call US numbers (cell, landline, 800 numbers, etc.) for free and they can all call you as well. And you can text. So everyone in the States can continue... See More

AWho has the best Instagram for travel photos?

There are a lot of good ideas in this thread. I would add chrisburkard harlenfoley See More

AMunich: Should we take a carseat on a plane to Munich?

I have mixed feelings about flying with a carseat. Mostly, I hate lugging it around the airports along with whatever bags we already have. It is nice on a plane if there is an extra seat available to use it with. But if there are no seats, then you check it planeside which... See More

AGermany: Should I take my children on a concentration camp tour?

I don't have kids that age, nor have I been to Dachau​ with kids that age. But I completely support taking a 9- and 11-year-old. I don't think that's too early to learn history and help them grow up level-headed. See More

ABerlin: 4 hours in Berlin, what should I check out?

I did Berlin​ in a few hours once on a layover. I walked a big loop that hit the Bundestag​, Brandenburg Gate​, Holocaust Memorial​, and Checkpoint Charlie​, and then looped... See More

AAir travel - what are your top 3 priorities?

1. Price for sure. For this reason, flyer miles are rarely a consideration. If the price is close, I'll maybe pay a bit more, but miles on an airline aren't worth paying another $100 or more. 2. If price is the same, then # of stops/flight time. 3. For international... See More

ADachau: How much time is needed for a thorough experience of Dachau?

If I remember right, there's an audio tour. If not, get a guided tour because the tours tell you so much more than the info panels do. You need to hear the stories the tour tells. When we went, we had a large enough group that we had our own dedicated guide and could... See More

AYou can only take ONE more trip for the rest of your life. Where do you go?

If I had to choose one place to travel and then be back in "real life' in one spot for the rest of my life, I think I'd choose somewhere with natural, breathtaking geography, rather than somewhere that is interesting because of the culture and people. Of course... See More

AYou can only take ONE more trip for the rest of your life. Where do you go?

This is the worst question ever. One trip and that's it? What a terrible prospect. ;) See More

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