1. Welcome!

    Here at Trippy, we have a concept we like to call "shoes by the door."

    When you walk into someone's house and see shoes by the door, you know to take off your shoes.

    As one of our first members, you're leaving your shoes by the door to show all future members how to use Trippy.

    Here are a few tips to get you started on the right foot!

  2. Questions

    Great questions lead to great answers. When you ask a question, keep the question title short but with key details.


    Pet-friendly hotel near the beach and parks?


    Nice hotel?

    In the description, make sure to include personal details that will help others best answer your question. Basically, add everything that makes your question unique.

  3. Answers

    Great answers get the most votes, so let your personality, passion for travel, and knowledge shine through!

    You can add locations to your answer by typing the @-symbol, followed by the name of the place. Like magic, they will be plotted on a map alongside your answer.

  4. Community (that's you!)

    After you read a great answer, show your appreciation by giving the poster a thumbs up!

    Need more details about a question? Want to give thanks to someone for their awesome answer? Use comments to communicate with other members!

  5. Thanks for reading!

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