Soot Bull Jeep, LA, California

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3136 W 8th St

LA, CA 90005

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(213) 387-3865

  • 2 mentions in Must Eats in Koreatown?

    • chuck l.

      chuck l. said, "...Question is too broad. Korean food is so varied. Park's BBQ, Koreatown High end Korean BBQ is pricey but very good. Soot Bull Jeep Korean BBQ, not as good but cheaper, BUT you grill your own meat over charcoals. Kind of an unique..." See More

    • Leonard L.

      Leonard L. said, "...ingredients. I've been eating Korean food all my life (thanks, Mom!) and the short rib taco was a mind blowing experience. Soot Bull Jeep is as close as you'll get to eating in the Old Country in LA! It's the only place that..." See More

  • 2 mentions in What's the best korean bbq in Los Angeles?

    • Keith D.

      Keith D. said, "...Not All-You-Can-Eat, but Soot Bull Jeep is one of the few that use charcoal. Makes a difference in flavor. Pricier than other places as well...." See More

    • Leonard L.

      Leonard L. said, "... Soot Bull Jeep is as authentic Korean BBQ you'll find outside of Seoul, right down to the charcoal smoke that fills the place.While these are not necessarily authentic Korean BBQ places, Roy Choi is the master of Korean fusion cooking and its unbelievable!..." See More

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