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Amalfi Coast

Amalfi, Campania

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Tips and reviews

Here's what Trippy members say about Amalfi Coast:

"The drive along the Amalfi Coast is one of the world's greatest scenic drives."  See More

"This will take you along the Amalfi Coast which is one of the most scenic drives in Europe."  See More

"With the exception of the Amalfi Coast, we felt our rental car was A HUGE water if both time and money."  See More

"We rented a car and drove from Puglia to the Amalfi Coast last summer in late June."  See More

"From Salerno, you can get a bus or ferry to other towns along the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"In the past, coastal ferries from Naples along the Amalfi Coast only ran during the summer months."  See More

"> Sorrento - 6 nights This is the best place to stay, and a great base for exploring the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"Hello Amir 1. I assume you are travelling around by train? Use the official Italian railway website in English to find train times, details and fares: . :"  See More

"It's geographically much more sensible to start in Venice then go to Tuscany and onwards to Naples and the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"We stayed in Siena 2 nights, Orvieto for 1, then onto the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"If sun and shore are you bread and butter, the Amalfi Coast is a good place to start."  See More

"Then I'd head up to Naples, but I'd focus on the Amalfi Coast and Pompei and Herculaneum rather than the city itself."  See More

"Then we spend some days swimming and sunbathing at the spectacular Amalfi Coast and enjoy its kind sun and its unforgettable beaches."  See More

"Fly into Naples, stay in the center and you can take a day trip to Amalfi Coast, Pompeii or better yet Ercolano, even Sorrento or Capri island."  See More

"Relaxing Amalfi Coast , plenty resorts on the coast to choose from!"  See More

"You can definitely see Capri in a day - half a day if really necessary, but the Amalfi Coast would need at least 2 or three and to see more than one of the cities along the coast it's all buses and transportation - so that will waste time."  See More

"Amalfi Coast with Positano located about just the middle of the way along the bay on the other hand, is a destination with 'leisure' written all over."  See More

"I visited the Amalfi Coast last summer and stayed in both Sorrento and Positano."  See More

"The south with Naples, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento sounds also very tempting, BUT!"  See More

"Your other option btw, is to go south to Naples, Pompei and the Amalfi Coast from Rome and then train to Florence/Tuscany and fly home from Tuscany."  See More

"In Amalfi Coast visit the central church to see where the St."  See More

"Start at Naples area, you will LOVE to spend the better part of a week visiting the Amalfi Coast, all the bay between Sorrento to Amalfi."  See More

"Then we spend some days relaxing at the spectacular Amalfi Coast and enjoy its kind sun and its unforgettable beaches."  See More

"I would also consider the Amalfi Coast for hiking."  See More

"We made Positano our base, from there we saw the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Capri, Pompei and Mount Vesuvius."  See More

"Another crazy drive that i've done is the Amalfi Coast, this road is super windy, narrow and there is no where to land except rocks and water."  See More

"Music & Dance Festival of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"For that price you might try Sorrento and surrounding because Positano and Amalfi Coast are a much more expensive."  See More

"Visit Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast including Ravello, and visit Ischia (where the locals go for thermal baths and island fun."  See More

"I highly recommend using them, as I did, to take a day tour down the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"The only place we actually used the car was on the Amalfi Coast, everywhere else was so well connected by trains, subways, and busses, we ended up parking the car (paying for the parking) and using the public transportation."  See More

"You can take one to see the entire Amalfi Coast."  See More

"I have been to Italy 5 times, and they say this is the North version of the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"Finally, I would avoid the big bus tours to the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"Finally, our journey ended at the spectacular Amalfi Coast, where we enjoyed its kind sun and unforgettable beaches."  See More

"I would spend the first week traveling around Italy and the second week relaxing at Amalfi Coast. I would rent a car in Milan and drop it off in Rome, for instance, at ."  See More

"I would recommend you to choose Italy. Not long ago I had 2 week tour to Italy. We spent the first week in Tuscany, enjoyed food, wine, picturesque scenes all around. We also rented a car to see some nearby cities and towns. Car rentals are very cheap in Italy (you can check prices at ."  See More

"Or go South to Sorrento and explore the Amalfi Coast, Napoli, and visit Pompei."  See More

"In particular Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Capri."  See More

"Florence and surrounding hill towns AND Amalfi Coast/ Napoli/Pompei based from charming Sorrento."  See More

"I love the Amalfi Coast, but you'll lose a lot of time on the road)."  See More

"We have done Rome, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Venice, Croatia, Athens Istanbul and many other cities doing this."  See More

"Positano and the drive around the Amalfi Coast is what you go to Italy for."  See More

"I'd suggest visiting Venice, Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"You'll love Cinque Terre. A must-see location nearby is Lucca. I'd skip Pisa and stay 2 nights in Lucca - spend one morning riding bikes along the top of the wall (you can rent them in multiple locations, or pick a hotel that provides bikes at your disposal) and spend the afternoon walking the city. You can easily make Cinque Terre a day trip from Lucca and spend a whole day there. We stayed at La Boheme: !"  See More

"I'm not sure if it would be too far out of your way, but every single town along the Amalfi Coast is STUNNING."  See More

"Cinque Terre is very popular with bloggers lately as is Portofino Coast and the Amalfi Coast"  See More

"Extraordinary: Big Sur or Amalfi Coast"  See More

"It sounds like you are interested in the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"If that is the case I wouldn't do more than two cities, or like you said the Amalfi Coast and Rome."  See More

"The Amalfi Coast is amazing but that would be more of a coastal trip with beautiful vistas and not a history/museum kind of trip."  See More

"You can take a train from Rome to Salerno and then a ferry to most of the Amalfi Coast cities."  See More

"We started in Palermo and then went to the following cities: Lipari, Napoli, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Italy, Radda in Chianti, Florence, Venice and Milan."  See More

"I've a few suggestions: In Naples Il Ristorantino dell'Avvocato in Via S Lucia, prices medium-high Il Comandante, in Via Cristoforo Colombo, very high Donnanna, Via Posillipo, very high Zi Teresa, Marinari Village HIGH (and not that calm) On Amalfi Coast, instead: Hotel Bellevue Syrene Piazza della Vittoria high Ristorante Al Barilotto Del Nonno, Via Laurito medium Le Bonta Del Capo, Via I Maggio, medium-cheap Well."  See More

"I completely agree with traveling to Italy but most especially the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"I took a three week trip and visited Palermo, Lipari, Napoli, Capri, Italy, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Radda in Chianti, Florence, Venice and Milan (in that order)."  See More

"the multicolour houses and trekking between all 5 towns looks like a unique idea 3)Comer See(lake como)- another gem in the crown 4)Amalfi Coast 5)Alberobello- this place has while houses called trulli."  See More

"If so, I highly recommend the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"If I may throw another recommendation into the mix, I would highly suggest the you go further down the boot and visit the Amalfi Coast."  See More

"Lovely location, easy transportation links to the Amalfi Coast, Napoli and Pompei."  See More

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