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Interesting Facts about Virginia

We're looking at the great state of Virginia. More than that though, we'll be examining a list of amazing Virginia state facts to help you better understand what makes this place stand out from the rest. Let's begin!

1. The state is named after England's "Virgin Queen," Elizabeth I.

2. The largest cash crop in VA is tobacco. Many people here make their living from this industry.

3. Jamestown was the first English settlement in the U.S. It also happens to be the first capital of Virginia.

4. This state is known as "The birthplace of a nation."

5. Arlington County was originally going to be part of Washington D.C, but it was returned to the people of Virginia after a referendum.

6. Eight United States Presidents were born here: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson.

7. Seven presidents are buried in Virginia as well: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler, Taft, and Kennedy.

8. The capital of Richmond was also the capital of the Confederacy.

9. The William and Mary College in Williamsburg, founded in 1693, is the second oldest college in the United States.

10. The State flower isn't actually a flower. Instead it is the blossom of the dogwood tree, which happens to be the state tree.

11. The first peanuts to be grown in the United States were grown here.

12. The American Revolution came to an end when Cornwallis surrendered in Yorktown.

13. Virginia was the 10 of the 13 original colonies to become a state on June 25, 1788.

14. Both Kentucky and West Virginia were both formed from sections of Virginia.

15. Roughly half of all the people in the United States live within a 500 miles radius of Richmond, Virginia.

16. About 1/4 of the workers in Virginia are employed by the federal government.

17. The United States Navy's Atlantic Fleet is based out of Virginia.

18. The first Thanksgiving was held in Virginia in 1619.

19. Virginia has been called the "Internet Capital of the World."

20. President Thomas Jefferson designed his own home here and called it Monticello. It can still be visited to this day.

As the birthplace of the United States, these Virginia state facts show how much history and culture this place holds for both visitors and residents alike.

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