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Interesting Facts about Tlaxcala

1. Tlaxcala is Mexico's smallest state.
The word Tlaxcala comes from the Nahutl word Tlaxcalli, which means tortilla or corn bread.
3. The city's full name is Tlaxcala de Xicohténcatl, after the tlaxcaltecan here who fought against the Spaniards.
4. The first civilization to settle in Tlaxcala were the Quinameten, who were latter displaced by the Olmec-Xicalanca, a tribe related to the Mayans.
5. The Tlaxcaltecas were the first civilization to create an alliance with the Spaniards against their opresors, the Aztecs, which lead to the conquest of the pre-Hispanic world.
6. Though the Tlaxcaltecas settled there around 700A.D, the city of Tlaxcala was "founded" in 1520 by Hernan Cortez, the conqueror of Mesoamerica.
7. Tlaxcala was the first interior city of New Spain.
8. During most of the 16th century, the Spaniards respected the alliance with Tlaxcala, but by the 18th century, they had already conquered this land.
9. The indigenous people from Tlaxcala believe in a Tlahuelpuchi, a vampire who lives with its human family, but can shape shift and suck the blood of kids at night. They are born with this course and nothing can be done to avoid it.
10. Each day on the Friday before Ash Wednesday, Tlaxcala's Carnival starts with the traditional "quema del mal humor" (burning of bad moods). A paper puppet in a coffin, representing bad mood, is burned.
11. Cacaxtla is an archaeologic site that used to be the main settlement of hte Olmec civilization. It has impressive mural paintings dating back to the year 900A.D. so the site is cover by a gigantic metallic structure. But in 2007, the cover collapsed because of hail.
12. Salé, in Morocco, in Tlaxcala's partner city.

Things to See in Tlaxcala

  1. Downtown

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