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Interesting Facts about Puebla

1. Puebla is the fourth largest city in the country.

2. During the late 19th century large colonies from Europe came to the city. Events such as Oktoberfest (Germany) and Romerias (Spain) are still celebrated.

3. The Cinco de Mayo holiday is not the main celebration in Mexico. It's only considered a holiday in Puebla since it was here where the Mexican Army won a battle over the French Army on May 5, 1862.

4. Eventually the French conquered Mexico and ruled for 5 years, but everybody seems to have forgotten that. We still celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

5. Puebla de Zaragoza is the city's oficial name (after the General that won the Cinco de Mayo battle), but everybody uses its original name Puebla de los Angeles (legend has it angels planned the city).

6. The smallest volcano on earth is in Puebla. The Cuexcomate's cone rises 43 feet and has a 75 feet diameter.

7. Downtown Puebla is commonly used as location for many national and international films set in Colonial, XVIII and XIX century Mexico or Spain.

8. In 1981 the rock band Queen played in Puebla because the Government of Mexico City had forbidden massive music concerts. People remembers this as the worst organized event in Puebla's history.

9. La Franja, Puebla's Football Soccer team, is one of the oldest in Mexico.

10. Chipilo is a small city founded just outside Puebla in 1882 by immigrants from Segusino, Italy. They speak a dialect called Vénetom not spanish.

11.  Poblanos' accent (they seem to be singing at the end of every phrase) was born because locals used to mock the accent of the French colony.

12. The Volkswagen manufacturing site in Puebla is the second largest outside Germany and it was the last site to produce the Volkswagen Beetle.

Things to See in Puebla

  1. Downtown
  2. Cholula de Rivadabia
  3. San Juan Cuautlancingo
  4. Casa Blanca
  5. Los Sapos
  6. Chipilo

Puebla History

Legend has it Tlaxcala's bishop Julián Garcés dreamt one night with angels, and they were taking him to a beautiful field with three rivers running in the middle. He watched as the angles pointed to where he should build a city and then they drew it and delimited its borders.
The very next day, Garcés told a group of Franciscans about his dream and together, they started looking for that unique field. They found it, and some time later, the city was founded. That's how this beautiful city got the name "Puebla de los Angeles".
Originally, the city was created for wealthy Spaniards who needed a place to live between Mexico City and the main port Veracruz, therefore the richness you can admire walking through Puebla. It was during the sixteenth and seventeenth century when some of the most beautiful buildings were built.
Around 1550, a group of wealthy Spaniards realized that clay was abundant in the region, and asked some Spanish potter from Talavera de la Reina, a municipality in Spain, to come to Puebla and teach the natives some European techniques so they could have fine ceramics to decorate their palaces. This glazing technique in blue and white, known simply as "Talavera", combines European methods with local designs, and became rapidly famous. Some of the most beautiful buildings have tiles of talavera on the facade, the floor, the indoor walls and the patio. The patterns created by the tiles are hypnotic and beautiful.
The talavera became the distinct of the city, and was also used to make pots and plates. This kind of objetcs can still be found at the traditional markets and plazas where artisans, some of them descendants of a long line of talavera makers, sell this and many more traditional products. You can't come to Puebla and not visit the main craft market, you won't get tired of admiring the amazing textiles, the onyx crafts, the typical mexican toys and of course the never-ending variety of typical candies. I guarantee anybody with a sweet tooth will feel, once again, in heaven.
Puebla is also famous for its cuisine. The sauce known as mole is Puebla's main dish, and has become one of Mexico's representative dishes. Though there are many legends of where in comes from, there's no doubt it most come from divine inspiration. Mole is made with chili peppers, spices, chocolate and many more ingredients, and is poured over turkey or chicken meat. Another famous dish in Puebla is the Chile en Nogada. Again, how anybody came with it can only be explained by mixing many legends, but it is a known fact that it was first served at a banquet for Agustín de Iturbide, the first Mexican emperor, to celebrate his birthday. This colorful dish, representing the Mexican flag, is made of poblano chili pepper filled with minced meat, and with walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds on top.

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