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Interesting Facts about Oslo

  1. Long-distance fact: It's as far from Oslo to Arctic Kirkenes as from Oslo to Rome.
  1. Fun fact: National day is celebrated with children's parades everywhere. Wherever in the world two or more Norwegians gather, there will be a 17 May parade.
  1. Random fact: Nowhere in Oslo is more than 15 minutes from wild nature.
  1. Interesting fact: Visitors are often surprised at the many beggars. Begging is not illegal and many are migrant Eastern Europeans. Since the EU enlargement, begging is an international business.
  1. Weird fact: Noticed all the blond waiters speaking a different language? They're Swedish. Low unemployment and high wages lure our neighbours across the border in droves.
  1. Interesting fact: The UN has just ranked Norway as the world's best place to live. Again.
  1. Fun fact: Oslo used to be very homogeneous. Today, the most popular newborn boys' name is Mohammad.
  1. Impolite fact: There's no word for "please" in Norwegian.
  1. Baby fact: Having a child gives the right to 46 weeks leave with 100 % pay. Dad must take his share, at least 10 weeks (about to increase).
  1. Political fact: Norway has been invited to join the EU, but the people have voted no. Twice. 
  1. Natural fact: A popular saying goes: Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær - there's no bad weather, only bad clothes. (Sounds much better in Norwegian, we promise – rhymes and everything). Another popular phrase is ut på tur, aldri sur, (you're never in a bad mood when you're out hiking).
  1. Kiddie fact: Spanking children is illegal, so parents must use their words. But not in a threatening, intimidating or demeaning way – that's also illegal.

Bonus fact:

  1. The Norwegian Government Pension fund is Europe's largest. The strict ethical guidelines have prompted exclusion of several companies, including Wal-Mart, Boeing, Phillip Morris and Honeywell.

Things to See in Oslo

  1. Oslo Cathedral
  2. Oslo Town Hall
  3. Oslo Airport

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