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Interesting Facts about Jerusalem

1. Interesting fact: The Via Dolorosa commemorates the journey of Jesus through the city of Jerusalem. Five of the 14 stations of the cross are actually found inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

2. Fun Fact: There are two (non-working ) windmills in Jerusalem.

3. Random fact: Jerusalem has 776,000 residents.  The Jerusalem Theater sells 600,000 tickets to its cultural events every year.

4. Weird fact: You can see houses made out of tin in the central Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot. They were built in the early 20th-century when building materials were scarce.

5: Interesting fact: The Mount of Olives cemetery is the oldest continually used cemetery in the world.

6. Fun fact: In 1962, dinosaur tracks were discovered at Moshav Beit Zayit on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Archaeologists have since uncovered 200 dinosaur prints in the area.

7. Random fact: The Jerusalem YMCA and the Empire State Building were both designed by the same architect, Arthur Lewis Harman.

8. Interesting fact: If you know your Bible and a bit of history, you'll find it easy to get around Jerusalem--street names are grouped in one neighborhood by names of the 12 tribes (Dan, Gad, Shimon etc) in another area by medieval Jewish scholars (Ramban, Ben Maimon, Ibn Givrol, Alfassi etc) and in yet another neighborhood by events related to Israel's War of Independence (Hagdud Haivri, Palmach, HaMapilim etc)

9. Weird fact: In the Old City you can find an institute dedicated to making everything necessary for the rebuilding of the Temple. (The Temple Institute)

10. Random fact: Jerusalem's Old City has eight gates. The most significant of them , the Golden Gate or Shaar Harachamim in Hebrew (built around 648) , has been sealed since the 16th century.  It's the gate in the eastern wall through which Jews believe the Messiah will enter Jerusalem.

11. Interesting fact: Where else in the world would you find a synagogue and a Catholic chapel sharing a building?  On Hillel Street in central Jerusalem, the Italian Synagogue is one floor up from a beautiful German Catholic chapel built in the 1860s.

12. Random fact: There's a replica of Philadelphia's Liberty Bell in a park in the tony Talbieh area of Jerusalem.

Things to See in Jerusalem

  1. Ben Gurion International Airport
  2. Downtown
  3. Rahuma
  4. Kirat HaYovel
  5. Temple Mount
  6. Western Wall (Hakotel Hamaaravi)

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