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Interesting Facts about Idaho

The great state of Idaho is one of the 50 U.S. states and just like all of the others, it has a unique history and culture to it. We'll look at some incredible Idaho state facts that will help you become more acquainted with the area.

1. The oldest building in the state is the Cataldo mission.

2. Ricks College, the largest private two-year college in the U.S. is located in Rexburg.

3. The Idaho Champion Western Red Cedar Tree is the largest tree in the state, estimated to be over 3,000 years old.

4. There is a law in the state that forbids one person from giving another a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds.

5. Grace in the Gem Valley is famous for certified seed potatoes.

6. Blackfoot is the location of the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

7. The Lewis and Clark Highway, also known as United State Highway 12 is the shortest possible route from the midwest to the pacific coast. It is the longest highway within a national forest.

8. The economy of the state was originally created with a focus on gold mining in the 1860's.

9. North America's tallest sand dune is in Bruneau Dunes State Park. It is 470 feet tall.

10. The world famous Lava Hot Springs are located in Idaho.

11. Hell's Canyon is the deepest gorge in the U.S.

12. The Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls is known as The Niagara of the West.

13. The Largest man-made geyser in the world is located in Soda Springs.

14. The area around Nampa around Treasure Valley is known as Idaho's Banana Belt.

15. Philo T. Farnsworth pioneered television technology. His hometown of Rigby is known as the birthplace of television.

16. Sun Valley is the location of the Nation's first ski resort.

17. Theodore Roosevelt created the Caribou National Forest in 1907. It now encompasses more than 1 million acres.

18. The "Idaho Enterprise" is one of the oldest weekly publications in the state with its first issue being sent out in June of 1879.

19. The Mountain Home Air Force Appreciation Day showcases the largest parade in Idaho.

20. There are several ghost towns in the state including Silver City, Yankee Fork, Gold Dredge, and the Sierra Silver Mine.

These Idaho state facts will help you better understand this state and what makes it unique.

Things to See in Idaho

  1. Boise downtown
  2. Boise Airport
  3. Boise National Forest
  4. Boise State University
  5. Barber Park

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