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Interesting Facts about Colorado

We're bringing you Colorado state facts that will help you round out your knowledge of this iconic location. Whether you're a current resident or a passing visitor, there's something here for everyone!

1. The name of the iconic marble in the State Capitol is "Beulah red." It took six years to craft and the materials used to make it cannot be replicated.

2. In a shocking turn, Colorado became the only U.S. State in history to turn down an opportunity to host the Olympics. A majority said no because of costs, pollution, and population booms that it would cause.

3. The U.S. Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs.

4. The largest flat top mountain, known as Grand Mesa, is located in Colorado.

5. In the town of Fruita, every year the people celebrate "Mike the Headless Chicken Day" in honor of a chicken who had it's head cut off and went on living for another four years.

6. The downtown area of Denver is known as "LoDo."

7. Denver claims to be the city where the cheeseburger was invented. The trademark for the name was given to Louis Ballast in 1935.

8. Colorado means "Colored red," it also goes by the nickname "The Centennial State."

9. The federal government owns over 1/3 of the land in Colorado.

10. Colorado has 222 wildlife areas recognized by the state.

11. The longest continuous street in America is Colfax Avenue in the city of Denver.

12. Katherine Lee Bates, author of "America the Beautiful" found inspiration for her work after seeing the view from Pikes Peak.

13. Denver hosts the Western Stock Show each year which is the world's largest Rodeo.

14. The first Rodeo in the world was held in Deer Trail on July 4th, 1869.

15. The location of Mesa Verde features a four-story city carved in the cliffs by the Pueblo people in ancient times. The mystery of where they went and why they disappeared has never been solved.

16. The Kit Carson County Carousel in Burlington is the oldest wooden merry-go-round in the U.S. It is also the only one with it's original paint.

17. The highest paved road in the U.S. is the road that leads to Mt. Evans. It is 14,258 feet above sea level.

18. Over 75% of the land area in the U.S. over 10,000 feet in elevation is located in Colorado.

19. The only city in America with four recipients of the Medal of Honor still living is Pueblo.

20. The 13th step of the capital building is exactly 1 mile above sea level.

There you have it, 20 Colorado state facts that will help you understand this place, and all of the wonders it holds.

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