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Interesting Facts about Beijing

1. Fact: Beijing is the capital of China, though this wasn't always so. 'jing' means capital, 'bei' means north. The southern capital was Nanjing, 'nan' meaning south.

2. Interesting fact: After Shanghai, Beijing is China's second largest city.

3. Trivia fact: the China Rose is Beijing's city flower.

4. Fun fact: the guard towers around the Forbidden City are said to be modeled after cricket cages.

5. Fact: Beijing dialect is the basis for the entire Mandarin standard language.

6. Interesting fact: basketball and football are the two top sports in China, and especially so in Beijing where you can see them played at major parks around the city.

7. Fun fact: McDonald's is the city's most popular fast food restaurant.

8. Food fact: Beijing is famous for its Peking Duck, which is a roast duck sliced a specific way and served with specific side dishes.

9. Weird fact: Beijing's most popular surname is Wang, with an estimated 11% of the city sharing the name.

10. Fact: 800 buildings make up the Forbidden City, one of Beijing's hottest tourists spots. There is also a Starbucks inside the city now.

11. Odd fact: The Beijing zoo was once called the 'Ten Thousand Animal Zoo.'

12. Interesting fact: Beijing Opera is an important part of local culture, locals practice their opera singing at parks around the city as well as frequent the opera houses.

Things to See in Beijing

  1. Beijing Capitol Airport
  2. The Foribidden City (Palace Museum)
  3. Tiananmen Square
  4. The Temple of Heaven
  5. The Summer Palace
  6. Beijing Rail Station
  7. Houhai Bar and Restaurant Area
  8. San Li Tun Bar Street
  9. Olympic Stadium

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