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Our Mission

Trippy exists to encourage more people to travel.

We believe travel makes the world a better place. Experiencing new places, cultures, and people leads to tolerance, understanding and empathy. Trippy is a community of travelers who believe in our mission and share our core values.

Core Values

Paying it forward

Trippy is for people who like to do good. We are helpers: no question is too great or too small. We've all experienced the kindness of strangers on our journeys and love to keep that momentum going by sharing with others.

Experience over Possessions

We live by the saying, "Take only pictures, leave only footprints." We would rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff.


Be yourself. The more you share into Trippy, the more you'll get out of it. Real avatar, bio, and profile is the easy place to start. Next, let your background and experience shine through in your questions and answers. If you work for an awesome travel company, that's cool, just be open about it. Here's to keeping it real!


Helpers are heroes. Our heroes are rewarded with thumbs ups from the community, so share the love! We also protect our heroes with a strict "no jerks" policy. Anyone who makes the community less enjoyable for the rest of us will be shown the door.

What We Do

Trippy is the place to get the best answers
to your travel questions because it's:

Personal — specific answers for your unique needs.
Quality — every question and answer is vetted by our team.
Useful — answers are more than walls of text. We've got maps.

Check out some answers on Europe, California and Paris, or plan a trip from LA to SF.

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