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Pike Place Market

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85 Pike St
Seattle, WA 98101

 (206) 682-7453

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Tips and reviews

Here's what Trippy members say about Pike Place Market:

"We never miss the Seattle Art Museum when coming to town, the Monorail at Seattle Center takes you pretty close to Pike Place Market, and the SAM is just at one end near a great brewery called Pike Brewing Company - we love the food there, esp the seafood chowder!"  See More

"b, Pike Place Market (lunch at Pink Door and enjoy shopping at Zebraclub"  See More

"For museums, besides Seattle Art Museum, which is close to Pike Place Market, there is the Henry Art Gallery and Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Washington and the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) on South Lake Union."  See More

"I am sure you have your plans while in the cities, but while in Seattle I recommend the Chihuly Garden and Glass, Olympic Sculpture Park, Pioneer Square and of course the Pike Place Market."  See More

"Other than that, I would sweep it into a trip to Pike Place Market."  See More

"I think this is considered Olympic National Park area as well Seattle: Pike Place Market Space Needle - The original Starbucks location Chihuly Garden and Glass   Portland / Oregon - Haven't spend much time there but it is definitely a nice city."  See More

"Stop in Seattle and see the Space Needle and Pike Place Market to watch the fish mongers in action."  See More

"You can explore the Pike Place Market nearby as well."  See More

"In Seattle, don't miss Pike Place Market and a tour of the Boeing Factory in Everett, about 20 minutes north."  See More

"The best must see tourist attractions are the Chihuly Garden and Glass and Pike Place Market (first starbucks is also there) and the ride the duck tours are a great way to see a big part of the city from on land and at sea!"  See More

"I think this is considered Olympic National Park area as well Seattle: - Pike Place Market - Space Needle (eat a meal there) - The original Starbucks location - Chihuly Garden and GlassChihuly Garden and Glass Portland / Oregon - Haven't spend much time there but it is definitely a nice city."  See More

"The Oregon Coast is gorgeous, I would stop in Portland for a bite to eat, but I would spend my time in Seattle and see the The Space NeedlePike Place Market, Pioneer Square and take the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square."  See More

"Samples early in the morning at Pike Place Market before all the people arrive."  See More

"Take a stroll through Pike Place Market and visit the Space Needle."  See More

"It's steps from Pike Place Market, a short walk to get to the waterfront or to the monorail to get to the Space Needle."  See More

"I have not been on a tour before, but I can say I had so much fun meandering Pike Place Market on my own!"  See More

"You might want to try the Pink Door near Pike Place Market if you're not to attached to traditional Thanksgiving food."  See More

"As always, the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market are on my to do list."  See More

"Pike Place Market is also a must, if you've never been."  See More

"Since you've been here all summer you've visited Pike Place Market, right?"  See More

"I flew to Seattle and headed straight for Pike Place Market and bought this: $326."  See More

"Pike Place Market would be perfect, its touristy and theres lots of small shops with food, art, crafts, flowers and trinkets, but its more flea market or farmers market than mall."  See More

"If you go south, some great things to do are visit the Space Needle for views of the downtown skyline and the sound, you can go to the famous Pike Place Market, shop in Downtown, take a cruise on Lake Washington or in Puget Sound or make your way to Bellevue, another nice area just east of seattle."  See More

"Downtown is also great because it is close to the Seattle Art Museum, the waterfront, and Pike Place Market."  See More

"It's easy to catch the bus/ uber to downtown for other day time drink spots (mostly in Pike Place Market) An uber/ lyft to most other neighborhoods is less than $15."  See More

"It's in Pike Place Market - perfect for a stroll afterwards to walk off that amazing croque monsieur."  See More

"Space Needle, Pike Place Market, possible a baseball game at Safeco Field."  See More

"Pike Place Market with all the stalls, street musicians, and fish mongers make for a wonderful stroll."  See More

"Pike Place Market has some AWESOME quick food stops, like Piroshky Piroshky and Beecher's Handmade Cheese, and some great cocktail and beer bars, such as The Zig Zag CafĂ©, which has some of the best drinks in the city (but is kind of hidden away), and Radiator Whiskey if you like whiskey and BBQ."  See More

"I think I get a little carried away with sunsets. I live in L.A., so I'm biased to Southern California sunsets, but some of the best I've seen have honestly been in the Pacific Northwest and Southern Africa (I know, two extremes). I've published a number of them on my blog (>."  See More

"It's 2 blocks from Pike Place Market and across the street from the always- lovely Le Pichet."  See More

"Pike Place Market is a MUST for touristy shopping"  See More

"Pike Place Market is ALWAYS crowded, but it is so "Seattle" - I would say don't miss it!"  See More

"Don't miss Pike Place Market, Take a ferry ride across the sound for amazing views for really cheap."  See More

"Pike Place Market is packed with tourist,but I still find it fun to explore, especially the Seattle Gum Wall."  See More

"Westlake Center is a big commercial mall, with many pricy shops, but its only a few block walk from Pike Place Market, and has its own tunnel bus/lightrail station."  See More

"Even though it's cheesy and expensive and filled with (fellow) tourists, The Space Needle just one of those things you do when you visit Seattle, similar to Pike Place Market."  See More

"Definitely go see Pike Place Market, the gum wall and the pier shops."  See More

"In Pike Place Market my favorite spots for a quick bite were Pike Place Chowder and Piroshky Piroshky and Rachel's Ginger Beer for a tasty Moscow Mule."  See More

"As for Pike Place Market - it can get extremely crowded but we absolutely loved it."  See More

"Pike Place Market is always a fun place to visit even if you don't plan on spending any money."  See More

"You have a couple choices: if you come in the next few weeks, it's still before the cruise ships start coming in, and you can probably enjoy any of the really touristy spots (Pike Place Market, Olympic Sculpture Park, Space Needle) that you've never seen with marginally less crowds."  See More

"Visit the Pike Place Market See the Space Needle Go up the Columbia Tower Club (Its actually just the columbia Tower) Highest Building in Seattle: ."  See More

"We did a food tour of Pike Place Market with Savor Seattle Food Tours and it was great because we got to try small portions of a bunch of different foods, and get great info on the Seattle and the market at the same time."  See More

"If you do end up at Pike Place Market, stop into Rachel's Ginger Beer for a drink (if you enjoy ginger beer of course!"  See More

"Pike Place Market is fun to walk around."  See More

"Just head to Pike Place Market and wander around there and the several blocks surrounding and you will have a great day."  See More

"Pike Place Market, Ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, and a nice club/pub in Capitol Hill Neighborhood/Downtown."  See More

"I'm sure Pike Place Market is on your list but other than that, I suggest checking out Pioneer Square for good places to eat!"  See More

"Pike Place Market, Olympic Sculpture Park, Alki Beach Park, Ballard Locks"  See More

"I like the Pike Place Market because you'll have access to water views, mountain views if the weather cooperates, close-up shop views, fruit, vegetable, cheese and seafood stalls, and excellent people watching."  See More

"Try Matt's in The Market right in the Pike Place Market."  See More

"I would definitely check out Pike Place Market."  See More

"Hi Aerin, you should try Pike Place Market."  See More

"Nearby is Pike Place Market, grab a hot chocolate (or coffee) at the original Starbucks and pick up some smoked salmon (at the market) to snack on."  See More

"Also the is the Seattle Aquarium right down the street and also the The Seattle Great Wheel Fishermen's Terminal And if you have time there is the Pike Place Market for some local foods and gifts."  See More

"This was the perfect way to familiarize myself with the world-famous Pike Place Market."  See More

"you could even work in Pike Place Market and stop at some pretty great places to eat along the way."  See More

"With kids I always start with lunch Pike Place Market and watch them toss salmon like day old bread."  See More

"Pike Place Market in Seattle was the first place that came to my mind."  See More

"Space Needle Kerry Park one of the best views of Seattle Pike Place Market Farmers Market and very interesting to stroll through Seattle Aquarium Seattle Gum Wall "Modern Art" Wall full of gum Cowgirls Inc One of the best bars in town Seattle Art Museum Fremont Neighborhood is a great and nice neighborhood to walk through with many stores and restaurants."  See More

"Have a picnic at Gas Works Park or stroll around local farmer's markets or the Pike Place Market."  See More

"I lived near Seattle during college and loved just people watching and strolling through Pike Place Market."  See More

"Pike Place Market - This place is pandemonium, even during the quiet season."  See More

"Walk along the Sound along Pike Place Market (Original Starbucks there) and watch the Sea-Planes Land, Art Work or rent a bike to ride along the Pier North."  See More

"Here's my take on a few of these: Definitely Pike Place Market."  See More

"Make sure you visit the Pike Place Market, and pass by the seafood stand near Rachel the Piggy Bank."  See More

"If you're feeling super cheesy/touristy, or you've got some perfect snarky response in mind when people ask you why you went, it's kind of a must-do to stop by the Starbucks at Pike Place Market, because it's the 'Original."  See More

"After you pick up your car--perhaps Sonoma Valley; Highway 1 north of SF; Seattle: Pike Place Market; Pioneer Square; Seattle Art Museum; Olympic Sculpture Park; Ferry to Bainbridge Island."  See More

"In Seattle, you should look into staying near the Pike Place Market or Capitol Hill to be centrally located."  See More

"Wandering around Pike Place Market is obviously a must."  See More

"Pike Place Market has to be your first stop - it's a Seattle institution."  See More

"In Seattle, we stayed at Inn at the Market and it was great, beautiful view, really helpful staff, and close to everything (including yummy cafes and bakeries) Pike Place Market is a must as is the underground walking tour."  See More

"You can wander around Pike Place Market for good nibbles, too."  See More

"Pike Place Market: I'm sure you've heard of it, this place is great to walk around."  See More

"Obviously, you will want to go downtown to Pike Place Market & do a walk through."  See More

"Outside of the festival, you can visit Queen Anne, the Fremont Troll and neighborhood, Pike Place Market, and Woodinville for wine tasting :) Or head to the waters edge at Discovery Park and Alki Beach Park."  See More

"It's right around the corner from Pike Place Market, too!"  See More

"Pike Place Market Woodinville West Seattle shoreline Restaurant MarchĂ©"  See More

"Everyone knows about it and loves it - Pike Place Market is right down the street from you."  See More

"The restaurants I recommend are: Palace Kitchen (sit at the bar) Spur Gastropub (sit at the bar) Macrina Bakery & Cafe is great for breakfast or coffee Local 360 is also great for breakfast Top Pot Doughnuts in Belltown The Big Picture Seattle is a cool movie theater that has a bar, you can drink while you watch If you like jazz Dimitriou's Jazz Alley is in Belltown There is an 'urban marketplace' called Assembly Hall that has a restaurant and other shops for foodies Pike Place Market is a great farmers market Seattle Art Museum is good and the downtown library is also cool."  See More

"Looking at your list of likes (which is surprisingly similar to mine), I think the first place you should check out is Pike Place Market."  See More

"3) My dad just came to visit for 36 hours & we did: tulip festival in Skagit county (will be over by the time you get here sadly), Ray's boathouse, Portage Bay Cafe, Cactus, serious pie, Pike Place Market & the Seattle Art Museum."  See More

"Absolutely echo Pike Place Market that others mentioned in downtown too, if you like farmer's markets."  See More

"Of course Pike Place Market is wonderful as is Seattle Center (Space Needle etc."  See More

"This hostel is literally right in the middle of downtown, right across the street from Pike Place Market (one of the best attractions in the city"  See More

"Place Pigalle in Pike Place Market has a wonderful view and delicious food."  See More

"I've never taken children around up there before, but I can think of a few places that might be good: Pike Place Market is the most obvious one."  See More

"Step out on to 1st ave and walk south to Pike Place Market (NOT Pikes."  See More

"If you want to get downtown toward Pike Place Market and the trains and trolleys and what not, you can take the bus (I believe it's bus #72) just a block away from the hotel."  See More

"Disgusting, but a classic Pike Place Market attraction."  See More

"From there one is only a few short blocks from both the Seattle Art Museum and Pike Place Market."  See More

"Of course, Pike Place Market is the typical stop in Seattle, most of it is covered, and well, it's usually the first place folks go."  See More

"In short, I'd say this hotel is fantastic because of their attention to detail and old school style, but it's also close to a lot of Capitol Hill stuff like Elliott Bay Book Company and not too fara walk from the downtown area, Seattle Public Library - Central Library, Pike Place Market etc."  See More

"It's walkable to the Olympic Sculpture Park and Pike Place Market."  See More

"Also go to the Pike Place Market, your kids will love when these guys throw fish around."  See More

"In your remaining hour of sightseeing you could: See the delightfully disgusting Seattle Gum Wall Walk through the shops of the Pike Place Market and eat some treats!"  See More

"If you've never been to Seattle before and you have four free hours, I say for sure check out Pike Place Market!"  See More

"Both hotels are beautiful and located centrally so when you're not visiting with your friend, you can easily take your family out for a stroll to the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market."  See More

"Four free hours is cutting it a tad close, but if you don't mind making haste, then yes! Lucky for you, SEA is very close to Downtown Seattle (I'm assuming that's the part of Seattle you'd like to visit!) and it's very convenient to take a cab or the train there. Without traffic, a cab takes about 20 minutes and last I checked in 2012, it cost a flat rate of $40. Like I mentioned, there's also a train that you can take from the airport to downtown, which is a lot more affordable. The Link Light Rail costs less than $2 (last I checked in 2012, it was $1.75), but takes slightly longer, about 40 minutes. Here's more info on how to get from the airport to downtown: ."  See More

"Pike Place Market and a whole lot more These hotel rooms are one of the least expensive ones that you'll find in the area, about $100 a night, depending on date They're dog-friendly if you're bringing a pooch Free wifi Fantastic complimentary continental breakfast They serve Stumptown coffee Great service"  See More

"The Gum Wall's a little hidden away and actually under the Pike Place Market, but really easy to find."  See More

"Starbucks -- hear me out on this one: the one at Pike Place Market is the very first Starbucks ever so it's a cool spot to visit just for coffee history's sake Espresso Vivace Roasteria -- a local favorite, they have both a cafe and a stand in Capitol Hill Stumptown Coffee -- very small chain that originated from another coffee-loving town, Portland."  See More

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