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1 Piazza del Colosseo
Roma, Roma 00184

 06 3996 7700

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Tips and reviews

Here's what Trippy members say about Colosseum:

"For the Colosseum and Vatican City, I booked a private tour."  See More

"First of all, Rome is in Lazio, not in Tuscany. I'll give info about Florence in a separate post.  Whether you choose to go on a tour is entirely up to you but, personally (and given that many places have both leaflets audioguides in English) I wouldn't do so. As well as being more expensive, it's not my idea of fun to traipse around with a group of other people at someone else's pace: I prefer to set my own pace, spending more time with things that interest me and much less with those that don't. You don't need a ticket for the Pantheon: it's still a functioning church. There won't be queues as such, just more or fewer people according to the time of day. It's open from 8.30am (9am on Sundays) to 6 or 7.30pm depending on the time of year. It's best to go early or late to avoid crowds (the same applies to St Peter's Basilica and, indeed, to all Rome's sites and sights). I'd strongly advise you to buy tickets online in advance for the Vatican Museums. Queues can be, and usually are, very long indeed. The Vatican Museums really are vast and you need to allow as much time as possible to explore them (they have audioguides if you want). Use the official online site for tickets:"  See More

"  In Rome, around the Piazza Navona &Pantheon it is quiet after 2300 and you are conveniently located to Trevi Fountain, Vatican City and not far from the Colosseum &Roman Forum."  See More

"Rome is spread out a bit, but it is relatively straight forward to suggest that you see the Vatican City, the Colosseum."  See More

"Once you reach Rome, get off at the Stazione Roma Ostiense and then hop on the subway; in two stops, you’ll land on the Colosseum's front door."  See More

"Book in advance for important tourist sites such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Colosseum - the queues are long and time consuming otherwise."  See More

"Colosseum Rome’s great gladiatorial arena is the most thrilling of the city's ancient sights."  See More

"My favourite spot in rome are the fountains of trevi and, of Course, the Colosseum."  See More

"Rome - 3 days (there are just too many iconic things in rome and vatican and museum itself will take 1 whole day, and Colosseum and Roman Forum will take 1 day, rest you can visit in another day and nights"  See More

"I would suggest to check for concerts organized in the ancient monuments, the Colosseum especially: the combination between music and incredible locations can be a real once in a lifetime experience."  See More

"You're sure to see the Colosseum, the canals of Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the duomo of Milan, and the classic art pieces in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence."  See More

"In Rome, between, Palazzo Braschi museo, Vatican City, Colosseum."  See More

"I love the walk from the Colosseum to Vatican City , it pretty much cuts through or by everything."  See More

"Rome (3 nights) So much to see: Trevi Fountain Spanish Steps Piazza Navona TrastevereColosseumVatican City walk the city late at night."  See More

"If you start in the Vatican City around 1pm you can slowly walk through the city and before the dark you'll be at the Colosseum/Palatine Hill."  See More

"You can see almost every major monument in a day (or two if you want to do longer form as some places) - Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Vatican Museums."  See More

"I would stop at these places: Colosseum Trevi Fountain Piazza Navona Here are some other ideas if you need any."  See More

"Colosseum Make sure you consider the underground tour."  See More

"If you have a good pair of shoes you can walk from the Colosseum to the Pantheon in 20 minutes and you will see the most amazing sights in between."  See More

"As far as seeing big sights like the Roman Forum/Colosseum, you might plan to spend half the day there and then leave the other half open."  See More

"The admission ticket for The Colosseum for EU citizens between 18-25 is a reduced fee of €10."  See More

"I would recommend the Pantheon, Colosseum, Villa Borghese."  See More

"I think I would focus on Roman Forum and the Colosseum and then do the Trastevere neighborhood for dinner and drinks."  See More

"Colosseum - 1 hr Roman Forum - 1 hr Pantheon - 1 hr Piazza Navona or Trevi Fountain - 1 hr St Peter's Basilica - 1 hr St Peter's Basilica - 1 hr More ideas here: ."  See More

"Well there are a couple of things you can squeeze in 24 hrs: Colosseum and Roman Forum (passing by on both cases and not entering inside)."  See More

"Colosseum / Roman Forum"  See More

"A lot of the most popular sights, such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, will offer audio guides in various languages, and for these I would advise booking tickets online, in advance, to skip the very long lines."  See More

"It is new and just one block next to the Colosseum."  See More

"If you choose something between Pantheon and the Colosseum, you'll also be close to the river, and be able to walk mainly everywhere."  See More

"Well for Rome since you're going to have 2 days, you can skip going inside the Colosseum and Roman Forum and just pass by."  See More

"Surely Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Piazza di Spagna, Vatican City."  See More

"The Monti area isn't far from the Colosseum, and about a 25 min walk from Termini station."  See More

"Even though I live here I always lose my breath when I see the Colosseum especially at sunset or at night when it’s lit up with lights."  See More

"Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican City, St Peter's Basilica, and to explore other neighborhoods, such as Trastevere."  See More

"The Roman Forum and the Colosseum are really incredible - especially if you like history."  See More

"There are the main attractions that everyone wants to hit: Vatican City, Colosseum, Gallery of The Academy, Leaning Tower of Pisa etc."  See More

"This will be the Colosseum metro stop."  See More

"See the Colosseum and Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, have a meal in Trastevere, don't miss the Borghese Gallery and Museum and gardens and spend a day at the vatican."  See More

":-), but here is another pizzeria by the Colosseum that is just freaking awesome!"  See More

"From there you walk the little back roads like the Via della Tribuna di Campitelli that in itself shows you some of ancient Rome, all the way to the Piazza Venezia where you will be afforded the best views down the Via dei Fori Imperiali to the Colosseum."  See More

"A big bonus is that groups get into places like the Colosseum without having to queue."  See More

"Go see the Colosseum and Palatine Hill."  See More

"Hi Nancy, I made a similar trip last year using airbnb, here are the links of the places I stayed which I highly recomend! Rome: !"  See More

"In the man-made category, while I think the Giza Necropolis and the Colosseum should both probably be on such a list, I'll bump them off in favor of places I still want to see."  See More

"The Colosseum for example is best seen at night in my opinion."  See More

"Day Two visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum, in the evening walk to the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps."  See More

"Great pizza at Pizza Forum, right by the Colosseum."  See More

"In Rome we did the main sites in a day (busy but possible), however if you have 2 days you could do the Vatican City (Vatican Museums and St Peter's Basilica) and area for one day and then the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Rome, Italy, etc."  See More

"While you're out, go to Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Piazza Navona, the Piazza Venezia and ask the guide for names of their favorite local restaurants!"  See More

"With only 3 days, my best advice would be to book tickets to the touristy spots in advance ie Colosseum, Vatican City."  See More

"Back at the Pantheon, from there you can walk very easily to Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum , the Roman Forum and end up at the Palatine Hill ."  See More

"The Colosseum and Roman Forum are definitely must sees!"  See More

"The spectacular view of the Colosseum is stunning at sunset, and as night falls, the ancient structure is bathed in dramatic lighting."  See More

"Do all the touristy stuff with Roman Forum, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and."  See More

"The terrace has a spectacular view of the Colosseum."  See More

"I spent some time in the beautiful basilica and then headed toward the Colosseum which glowed against the night sky."  See More

"I'd have to go with the Colosseum!"  See More

"In my travels, this includes The White House, Everglades National Park, Great Wall Of China, Tiananmen Square, Big Ben, Tower Of London, Vatican City, Colosseum - all were amazing for their own individual reasons, and I was thrilled to have visited each one in their own right."  See More

"Assuming you are going to make your way to the Colosseum and Roman Forum (which are amazing and a must-see), you could easily add in the nearby St Clement Basilica (Basilico San Clemente), which while stunningly beautiful in its own right, is built upon a 4th century church which is above a 1st century home/temple which is above a 1st century AD set of buildings."  See More

"I mainly focused on the main tourist destinations: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Vatican Museums."  See More

"My first recommendation to people is to always grab your Colosseum ticket at the Roman Forum Your ticket gets you into both locations, and the lines are much shorter at the Forum."  See More

"Walk down the Via Forum Imperiali between the Trajan Forum and the Imperial Forum towards the Colosseum."  See More

"Since we were staying by the train station, she started us out by making sure we ate dinner at Ristogrill Gallo Matto then make our way down to the Colosseum by night to see it completely lit up."  See More

"The best places I found to eat were the tiny little restaurants off the main square/away from the Colosseum."  See More

"Of course the Colosseum is close to the Roman Forum, and Old Market place."  See More

"Some of the ancient Roman sites are a must, like the Imperial Forum, Colosseum (I don't care how many time you see a picture of it, the visit is incredible), Arch of Constantine, and Roman Forum."  See More

"The ticket gate for the Palatine Hill often has no queues at all and is midway down the road Via di San Gregorio that runs from the Colosseum along the base of the Palatine Hill."  See More

"See Colosseum and Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano."  See More

"I absolutely agree with all of the ideas above, saw them all in April and all are worth your time. Remember you can see some of them at night, like the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, only about 4 blocks apart. Lots of light and lots of people. Also a cool shopping area at night. You'll find a lot of people out at night walking, all perfectly safe. Same for the buses and Metro at night. Stay alert, but don't be afraid. One tip to start your trip -- the Fiumicino Airport(main airport) is about a half hour or more from Rome, down on the coast. Assuming you want to get to the main rail terminal (Stazione Termini) in Rome, make sure you get on the right train there. It is easy to make a mistake and end up somewhere else in Rome. Termini is the last stop, so don't get off too soon. Termini is huge, like an airport terminal. Catch a bus or cab outside, or board the Metro inside. if you want to visit museums, you should get a museum pass (Roma Pass: !"  See More

"On one of your days, be sure to do the big three: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Pantheon."  See More

"Try Cavour 313 near the Colosseum."  See More

"Cavour 313 is great restaurant near the Colosseum."  See More

"Choose a hotel that is easy walking to at least one place you want to explore in depth: the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, Piazza Navona, the Jewish Ghetto, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, whatever you love."  See More

"In Rome they now have the Colosseum open at night for tours and its amazing!"  See More

"In Rome, we saw all the big tourist attractions, but my girls loved their visit to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill the most."  See More

"with a good map you can walk from the Spanish Steps to the Trevi Fountain to Pantheon to Piazza Navona and than the Colosseum."  See More

"If you are feeling energetic, a climb up the monument will be rewarded with stunning views of the Roman Forum and Colosseum -- best at sunset)."  See More

"AVOID FLAVIUS B&B) Hotel Lancelot is only 5 blocks from the Colosseum and the staff was beyond wonderful!"  See More

"Rome must visit the Vatican, Colosseum, Piazza Di Spagna and Trastevere."  See More

"It's 5 blocks from the Colosseum, and the staff is fabulous!"  See More

"Colosseum Visit any cathedral/building that lets you in for free."  See More

"But the things you must visit are: the Colosseum, the Pantheon (you have to go inside it's amazing), the Trevi Fountain (don't forget to flip a coin in backwards), the Roman Forum is pretty cool to walk around, and Ponte Sant'Angelo."  See More

"We had dinner in a street restaurant from which we could see the Colosseum - just amazing!"  See More

"The Piazza Navona is incredibly central to everything, so we walked (with young children) to the Vatican City, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and all the other well known attractions."  See More

"Little cafe Cristalli Di Zucchero - just off the tourist path when you are visiting Colosseum, right next to Circus Maximus."  See More

"Hi Keith, Through Expedia we took these day trip: Skip the Line: Best of Florence in 1 Day from Rome Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing Tour from Rome and we did the Skip the Line: Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Walking Tour."  See More

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