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  • "Cool alternative places in Shanghai"

lala lala

Tilburg, Netherlands

Cool alternative places in Shanghai

Hi there! In a few weeks I will leave on a short vacation to Shanghai. Being there, I don't want to visit the ordinary shops with the big names, but small ones which you have to discover. Also, I would like to go to cool places with inspiring people. Can anyone help me? (I'm studying Trendwatching and would loooove to discover cool, inspiring places with potential!)

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  • Valerie Stimac

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    Okay, let's see if I can remember what I did in Shanghai... I visited an American friend there so my experiences are pretty "ex-patriotic," but there are a few good things to check out.

    My local friends took me to Fuchun Dumpling(address: 650 Yuyuan Lu, near Zhenning Lu (愚园路650号, 近镇宁路)) for the best Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings, a Shanghai specialty!) in the city. They were totally amazing, and got me hooked for the rest of my trip.

    Lots of parts of the city are called "(Blank) City," like "Tea City" or "Barbeque City" which is a block of buildings that all focus on the one thing. Tea city was particularly interesting because it's a huge complex of tea shops where you can go see what tea culture is really like and wander among these stalls.

    Though it's totally crawling with hawkers on the outside, the City God Temple is really peaceful on the inside. Also the People's Square is a great spot for people-watching.

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    • lala l.

      lala l.

      You are absolutely amazing, Valerie! Thank you for your answer ;) · (1 likelikes)

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    1. Fuchun Xiaolongbao (restaurant)
    2. City God Temple (attraction)
    3. People's Square (attraction)

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