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Taj Ganj

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  • 8 mentions in Dress code at the Taj Mahal

    • Radha A.

      Radha A. said, "...dress code to visit tajmahal. You can dress up urself as per the weather there. Queues can be long at times. Taj Mahal is closed sometimes so before u visit check UPTourism guide for holidays . Yes weekends can be supercrowded so..." See More

    • Avinash S.

      Avinash S. said, "...same would be applicable for queue's aswell. High priority ticket (mandatory for foreigner's) would let you surpass the queue. Entry to Taj Mahal would open by 7 am and I would highly advice to have a visit before noon you could enjoy..." See More

    • Sameera S.

      Sameera S. said, "...Entry to the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. No dress code per se, but as already mentioned here, its best to be a tad conservative in public places. For more information, see link..." See More

    • Vivek G.

      Vivek G. said, "...No there i no dress code at the Taj Mahal. and the queues are also not so long.. After security check up you can go inside....." See More

    • Vishesh Vikram S.

      Vishesh Vikram S. said, "...There's no dress code as such in Taj Mahal. But as suggested for anyplace in India, clothes that don't expose much are always preferable. If you don't have any options you can still go in whatever you have with you..." See More

    • Abhi S.

      Abhi S. said, "...No, there are not at all ay sort of dress code at Taj Mahal. Just one thing to consider that as Taj is a mausoleum and a place of worship for many, so dress modestly if possible. That way you will..." See More

    • Prosenjit D.

      Prosenjit D. said, "...Hi, Leslie there is no dress code but if you have some white dress then its good for Taj Mahal Best of luck...." See More

    • krrish d.

      krrish d. said, "...Accessibility for you to Taj Mahal would certainly wide open by 7 am in addition to I'd personally hugely advice to possess a go to just before noon you could take pleasure in the position in peacefulness...." See More

  • 5 mentions in Best places to visit in North India?

    • Renuka S.

      Renuka S. said, "...Must visit in North India - Taj Mahal UdaipurJaipur which you can club together. If you would like to experience the mountains then go for Himachal Pradesh- take a spontaneous tour of the entire Himachal...." See More

    • Ankita P.

      Ankita P. said, "...According to me New Delhi, Taj Mahal, Udaipur, Varanasi and Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) are the 5 must see North India Tourist Places...." See More

    • Pratap S.

      Pratap S. said, "...are in India for a shorter period the go for Golden Triangle tour which includes Jaipur, Delhi and Agra (city of Taj Mahal ). Here you can also include cities like Mathura, Vrindavan, Fatehpur Sikri, Ranthambore National Park, Ajmer and Pushkar. So..." See More

    • Cody S.

      Cody S. said, "...What are you exactly looking for? There is Agra nearby - Which is popular for Taj Mahal and Fatehpur SikriThere is Dwarka present nearby.However depending on amount of days you have, Delhi has too much to offer. What do you really want..." See More

    • Asgar A.

      Asgar A. said, "...Without a doubt, Agra and the magnificent Taj Mahal. It is one of the most awesome sights in the World. The Taj is described as the most perfect building ever constructed...." See More

  • 3 mentions in The traveller's Bucket List- what's on yours?

    • Gary B.

      Gary B. said, "...bucket list are the wonders of the world and other places: Great Wall Of China, pyramids in Egypt, Nepal, Tokyo, Petra, Taj Mahal, Namibia, Cuba, Venice, and the list goes on and on..." See More

    • Mark P.

      Mark P. said, "...Angkor Wat, Luang Prabang, Ayers Rock, Florence, Skeleton Coast Park, Timbuktu, Patagonia (Argentina), Denali National Park, Gallipoli Peninsula, Tibet and the Taj Mahal...." See More

    • Jennifer F.

      Jennifer F. said, "... Taj Mahal Russia Asia GermanyBelgiumGreat Barrier Reef And so many others!!!..." See More

  • 3 mentions in Hostels and things to do on a budget around New Delhi and Agra

    • Shanel N.

      Shanel N. said, "...much history. However if you feel you do have some extra time and don't mind rushing a bit to see the Taj Mahal, it is definitely worth a visit. Another option is to take a taxi or bus to Agra. It..." See More

    • Sushmita V.

      Sushmita V. said, "...us know your exact dates and we would be able to guide you exactly how to reach Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. You could connect with us on Facebook to get more help if needed...." See More

    • bhavishya g.

      bhavishya g. said, "...You can visit Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri (nearby of Agra) or Jaipur. You can book hotel online from there you can find the cheap hotel . If you will try to book in person they will ask for higher charge...." See More

  • 3 mentions in Need help creating an itinerary/finding hotels for India.

    • sai tarun g.

      sai tarun g. said, "...is nothing..half the time you shall be in the traffic itself. Agra 3 Days is awesome..thats one of my favourite place. Taj Mahal is extraordinary. there is something like...every month once during full-moon they let people visit taj in the night too..otherwise..." See More

    • Praveen T.

      Praveen T. said, "...embassies near and around. Quite an expensive market, but shops here keep a lot of export quality products. 3. Visit the Taj Mahal, Man Singh road – Afternoon coffee. Walking distance from Khan market. Their coffee shop ‘Machaan’ is quite famous...." See More

    • Jayanth K.

      Jayanth K. said, "...not be far behind. Be a little careful in Agra, since it is kind of a tourist trap, thanks to the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri. You can try the Radisson Blu, or other restaurants, but since they're always staring at a..." See More

  • 2 mentions in What is your best travel selfie?

    • Julia B.

      Julia B. said, "...was even a term -- I set my camera on timer and set up this shot on the side of the Taj Mahal:..." See More

    • Supun E.

      Supun E. said, "...Nargila at Çorlulu Alipasa Medrese, meeting a pen pal for the first time at Cișmigiu Gardens, posing in front of the Taj Mahal, on a train to Nuwara Eliya, dipping my toes into Trincomalee Bay while checking out the Koneswaram Temple,..." See More

  • 2 mentions in Is it safe to travel to india as a single female?

    • Bharti S.

      Bharti S. said, "...There are certain pockets where you need to be more careful. All touristy places in the north belt - Agra ( Taj Mahal ), Delhi, Varanasi, Bihar (Bodh Gaya), Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh are actually unsafe. I wouldn't recommend travelling solo to..." See More

    • Ashley D.

      Ashley D. said, "...all there numerous moments and sculptures to look after. If this is your first time, you must take a visit to Taj Mahal, India's most beautiful place and one of the seven wonders of the world! There are several other places..." See More

  • 2 mentions in Best free things to do in New Delhi?

    • amit g.

      amit g. said, "...market. Cheap entry fee, Qutab Minar, National Museum, Humayun's Tomb. You can do a day trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal..." See More

    • Gagan S.

      Gagan S. said, "...where you can see the Indian culture of different states under one roof.If you have time I will recommend to visit Taj Mahal which is a one day trip and you can leave in morning and come back in night if you..." See More

  • 2 mentions in 2015 Travel - where to go?

    • Sophia R.

      Sophia R. said, "...India, first inexpensive, India is the world's most oldest and diverse cultures,India have many world heritage sites, forts and temples. Agra Taj Mahal is a one of the best wonder of world's...." See More

    • Arpit G.

      Arpit G. said, "...Come to India to see the Vast Culture and heritage sites like Taj Mahal, India Gate, Amber Fort, Jal Mahaland many more other sites..." See More

  • 2 mentions in What's the most beautiful building you've ever seen?

    • linda m.

      linda m. said, "... Taj Mahal mesmerized me and so did Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias..." See More

    • Marie-France R.

      Marie-France R. said, "...The Taj Mahal in Agra, India. This is a building you can watch for hours, under different angles, and different light. Its symmetry is probably a big part of what makes it so beautiful. All that pale marble, as well as the..." See More

  • 2 mentions in Weather Conditions in July / Must-see places in Northern India?

    • Prasad N.

      Prasad N. said, "...heavy Buddhist influence not very expensive . Before heading for hills you can see Delhi, make a short day trip to Taj Mahal about 250 KM by road, or Jaipurbut remember most of North India except for Hills will be extremely hot,..." See More

    • Ramkumar N.

      Ramkumar N. said, "...You can consider visiting the Taj Mahal, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi and Ladakh..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best locations for a solo round the world trip?

    • Mark P.

      Mark P. said, "...London, and the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg (Russia) If you are interested in iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites then Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Petra, Alhambra, Acropolis of Athens, Havana, and Machu Picchu. Natural beauty would include Ilulissat Isfjord, South..." See More

  • 1 mention in What's the best neighborhood in Agra for a first time visitor?

    • beth l.

      beth l. said, "...The only thing we did in Agra was see the Taj Mahal (and of course our guide insisted that we go visit local artisans who make amazing marble items in the Taj Mahal style. It's a cruddy town. We saw the Taj..." See More

  • 1 mention in A nice hotel in Sa Pa, Vietnam

  • 1 mention in Diwali in India- any tips or recommendations?

    • Ritu S.

      Ritu S. said, "...your order, so that it will be ready till the time of your arrival. www.facebook.com/velvetandpearl If you would like to see Taj Mahal, you can go Agra and if you are Intersted in historical monuments and forts, go Jaipur...." See More

  • 1 mention in if you had 2 weeks to visit any country, which would you choose and why?

    • Curious t.

      Curious t. said, "...India is a great option. You can experience all - great beaches (Goa), Taj Mahal, Himalayas, wildlife sanctuaries (one of the best in the world), historic temples (more than 1000 years old in Tamil Nadu)......" See More

  • 1 mention in Is Delhi worth a visit?

    • arti c.

      arti c. said, "...You can also visit Agra where you can see Taj Mahal..." See More

  • 1 mention in Seven Wonders of the World

    • Polly B.

      Polly B. said, "...such a list, I'll bump them off in favor of places I still want to see...Great Wall Of ChinaChichén ItzáMachu PicchuPetra Taj Mahal Angkor WatHagia Sophia..." See More

  • 1 mention in Where Would You Go for 2 Weeks?

    • Cody S.

      Cody S. said, "...visit Copenhagen on way out. Alternately, If you want to try distinct country - you can head to India Enjoy magnificent Taj Mahal, wonderful odd city Delhi and enjoy festival of holi (Festival of Colors) in places like Jaipur where you..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best Travel agent in India?

    • Nick S.

      Nick S. said, "...really achieved our purpose of our visit and that was to have our sweet bonding moments in a place somewhere....and the Taj Mahal was just that perfect choice over the others we were considering prior to the trip. It was very educational..." See More

  • 1 mention in If money were no object, where would you go?

    • Irene V.

      Irene V. said, "...the great wall, or at least a part of it. India would be next on my list. A trip to the Taj Mahal would be a must.Egypt would be next on the list. I've always wanted to ride a camel and see..." See More

  • 1 mention in Must-see places in Northern India (3 weeks in October)?

  • 1 mention in What tourist traps around the world are worth the visit?

    • Pamela P.

      Pamela P. said, "...The marvelous monument to undying love, the Taj Mahal. The detail is so exquisite that it has been described as “having been designed by giants and finished by jewelers.” It is awe-inspiring, both for its breathtaking beauty, and for the love..." See More

  • 1 mention in Need some great places to travel alone in North India

    • Abhishek K.

      Abhishek K. said, "...spots, attracting anyone easily. There are many eye catching tourist places there in north India some of which are New Delhi, Taj Mahal ,Varanasi. These are some very beautiful places. A tour package offering to enjoy these places named "Golden Triangle Tour"..." See More

  • 1 mention in What is the best time of year to travel to India?

    • Tony B.

      Tony B. said, "...India is good all the time. Don't forget to visit Taj Mahal..." See More

  • 1 mention in Planning a big solo trip, where should I go?

    • Khyati S.

      Khyati S. said, "...the Golden City Jodhpur - Known as Blue city Jaipur - known as pink city from Jaipur you can even visit Taj Mahal..." See More

  • 1 mention in What is the most dramatically beautiful place you have seen?

    • Sally T.

      Sally T. said, "...Most beautiful "man-made" would be the Taj Mahal and the most beautiful natural beauty would have many contenders. . . from the rocky coast of Maine to the wooded coast of British Columbia to the beaches of Fiji. Many more that can..." See More

  • 1 mention in Safest parts of Mumbai and lodging recommendations?

    • Ahmed F.

      Ahmed F. said, "...in the area ranging from low to high budget the area also is close to some sightseeing like Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace, and Elephanta Caves...." See More

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