Jitlada Restaurant, LA, California

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5233 Sunset Boulevard

LA, CA 90027

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(323) 667-9809


  • 6 mentions in What's the most authentic thai food in LA?

    • Kristina K.

      Kristina K. said, "...Sapp Coffee Shop don't let the name "Coffee Shop" fool you-it has great food, Ruen Pair is another good choice, and Jitlada Restaurant is very well known, and if your in the South Bay my absolute favorite Thai restaurant is Sirinat Thai......" See More

    • Ollie Z.

      Ollie Z. said, "...IMO Night + Market Song has very authentic Norhtern Thai food. Another classic is Jitlada Restaurant in Thai Town...." See More

    • Spencer S.

      Spencer S. said, "...Per others' recommendations, Jitlada Restaurant. I don't know if they're the most authentic, but I love Galanga Thai Fusion. Really good Pra Ram, which I love, and you can bring in your own beer and wine. Another favorite of mine is..." See More

    • Breanna W.

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      Breanna W. said, "...Hi Matt! You should definitely check out Jitlada Restaurant. Order the Crying Tiger Beef and Mango Sticky Rice for dessert, and be prepared for the place to be packed! Like, crazy packed. And they don't take reservations. I haven't been yet,..." See More

    • chuck l.

      chuck l. said, "...Like others have said Jitlada Restaurant is the most authentic and very good...." See More

    • amery c.

      amery c. said, "... Jitlada Restaurant is a good one destination for having delicious food there. I enjoyed taste and awesome dinner twice there. The address is LA, California 90027,323-667-9809 and opening hours are from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm. Must go for it i am..." See More

  • 3 mentions in What's you're favorite Thai food restaurant in Los Angeles?

    • Spencer S.

      Spencer S. said, "...I imagine you'll get a lot of responses for Jitlada Restaurant, which I hear some of the most recommendations for. However, if it's Northern Thai you're doing for, I'd recommend Night + Market. I haven't had anything there I didn't love...." See More

    • Patrick H.

      Patrick H. said, "...Try Jitlada Restaurant .. or if you like noodles, try Pa-Ord Noodle, order the thai boat noodle or the crispy pork rice and add fried egg ... enjoy!..." See More

    • Vicky I.

      Vicky I. said, "... Jitlada in Thai Town as mentioned by everyone is always great. If you don't mind driving to Garden Grove in Orange County, the spicy dishes at Thai Nakorn, many of them Northern style, are as authentic as any dishes you get..." See More

  • 1 mention in Food suggestions for 4 week family road trip

    • Vicky I.

      Vicky I. said, "...LA's food scene is so diverse, you can eat Thai food one day in one of the old standby's like Jitlada Restaurant or Sanamluang Cafe in Thai Town / Hollywood, Japanese at any of the restaurants along the Sawtelle corridor (like Tsujita..." See More

  • 1 mention in What are the top 5 sights I can't miss in L.A.?

    • Carol S.

      Carol S. said, "...food, check out SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa in any location near you. I'm also a fan of Jinpachi. For Thai food, Jitlada Restaurant and Night + Market are awesome. Vegas is good to spend one night, especially if you drive there. If..." See More