Smoke House Restaurant, Burbank

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4420 W Lakeside Dr

Burbank, CA 91505-4016

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  • 1 mention in Vintage bars and restaurants in L.A.?

    • Courtney R.

      Courtney R. said, " guess is it’s not going to be there much longer. If you’re in Burbank , I would definitely check out Smoke House Restaurant. It’s an amazing old restaurant that you might recognize from the movie, "Argo." The décor is sort of..." See More

  • 1 mention in Vintage Bars and Restaurants in the city

    • Courtney R.

      Courtney R. said, "...and spent the night washing dishes. Pann's Restaurant diner—very close to LAX. Just a little diner but the architecture is incredible. Smoke House Restaurant –in Burbank. This was used in “Argo” as the restaurant where Ben Affleck takes John Goodman out to dinner...." See More

  • 1 mention in Must sees + bar & restaurant ideas for first timers in LA?

    • Amy B.

      Amy B. said, "...10 times, so I have many places to recommend. Another restaurant that has been around since the 40's in Burbank is Smoke House Restaurant, the servers have been there forever, there is half priced happy hour food and drink, and you have..." See More

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