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Jobs at Trippy
There are some really important shared qualities of everyone on our team, which make Trippy an awesome place to work. It's essential for anyone new coming on board to have them as well. In spades!
Be Smart.
We move quickly so you must be whip smart, period.
Be Nice.
We have a strong "no jerks" policy here. Mutual respect is key.
Be Passionate.
We all care deeply about doing great work, and so should you.
Be Hungry.
We eat our own dog food (use the product), a lot.
Be Different.
Diversity of people, ideas, and opinions drives creativity.
Lead Community Manager

Trippy is looking for a Lead Community Manager to work closely with the our CEO to build the Trippy brand.

You'll be managing a passionate team of community builders in...

  • on-site community building and management
  • creating an editorial calendar for company blog and social media accounts
  • speaking and attending top travel industry conferences
  • organizing member meetups and face-to-face meetings with travel experts

You must have the following:

  • strong marketing/communications background or have built a passion-based community from the ground-up
  • love for the speed and flexibility of startups
  • deep understanding of online community dynamics and user-to-user engagement
  • solid public speaking chops and writing skills
  • working knowledge of Google analytics or similar product
  • the ability to "hug" someone via virtual correspondence
  • at least a mild social media addiction
  • oh, you better LOVE travel too

Bonus points for:

  • knowing what RTW means
  • being (or having been) an expat
  • living in LA (that's where we're based)
  • having your own blog
  • knowing exactly where your passport is at this very second

To apply, send your resume to jobs@trippy.com.

Trippy is a community of experiential travelers helping each other travel better. We believe in:

  • Paying it Forward. We've all experienced the kindness of strangers on our journeys and want to keep that momentum going.
  • Experiences over Possessions. We'd rather have a passport full of stamps over a house full of stuff.
  • Authenticity. Be yourself to get the most out of life.
  • Karma. Helpers are heroes in our book.

Please note: Trippy is not actively hiring at this time. We are still collecting resumes from interested applicants for the positions listed, but if you are seeking immediate employment we may not have an opening unless there's an ideal fit.

Meet Trippy: @usetrippy and on Facebook.

Product Designer

Trippy is looking for a skilled product designer to lead a new product initiative.

You'll be shaping a consumer travel product that's going to make travel research awesome (finally).

Your role will span product management and interaction design, but you'll also help wrangle branding, marketing, copywriting and more.

Be prepared to act like a founder.

You'll be prototyping products/features from concept to launch and you'll be the advocate for the user the whole way through.

Tools of the trade include your favorite wireframing tool, a word processor, google analytics, google website optimizer, and maybe even Photoshop, Illustrator, or your favorite IDE. If you can do the work, the actual tools are up to you.

To apply, send your resume to jobs@trippy.com.


Trippy.com is currently building a next-generation travel system. We are looking for a developer who loves to solve problems by writing code.

The ideal person enjoys getting involved in both the server and client code bases.

The basic stack is mongo, java+spring, html5+css+javascript, and obj-c. You do not need to know all of the technologies we use day-to-day but are required to have a natural curiosity to learn new technologies and be comfortable writing Java.

Please include one of the following accounts in your email: github, stackoverflow, or linkedin.

To apply, send your resume to jobs@trippy.com.