Jim's Steaks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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400 South St

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

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(215) 928-1911


  • 7 mentions in Pat's or Geno's: Which has the better cheesesteak?

    • Angela G.

      Angela G. said, "...As mentioned Jim's Steaks is my go to for sure. I've had both Pat's and Geno's and Jim's is hands down my favorite. Don't go for the hype, go for the great cheesesteak! The lines can be long, but it's worth it...." See More

    • amy L.

      amy L. said, "...Couldn't agree more with Danyelle. Jim's Steaks on South Street (right across from Theatre of The Living Arts) has the best steaks in Philly, hands down. Di Nic's in Reading Market is a close 2nd. Even the street vendors around Center City..." See More

    • Danyelle E.

      Danyelle E. said, "...Honestly, try one of the other places. I always bring my visiting friends to Jim's Steaks on South if a cheesesteak is what they really want. But I highly recommend Paesano's in the Italian Market or Di Nic's in Reading Terminal Market..." See More

    • Steve G.

      Steve G. said, "...to hit when I don't want to run over to the John's/Tony Luke's neighborhoods. If you find yourself on South St, Jim's Steaks is good. Better than Pat's or Geno's, but not as good as the places I mentioned above...." See More

    • Kathie P.

      Kathie P. said, "...slap on the toppings into a bun when you order. I would recommend Steve's Prince of Steaks in center city, and Jim's Steaks is good too if youre in that area. Be sure to stop by reading terminal market if you havent..." See More

    • Eric Q.

      Eric Q. said, "...I prefer Jim's Steaks hands down. Pat's and Geno's are merely name references to "Philly" Cheesesteaks. It's unfortunate that most tourist and sports announcers only mention Pat's and Geno's for a "Philly" cheesesteak...." See More

    • John K.

      John K. said, "...state that you must speak in English, etc. All that aside ... If you want a proper cheesesteak - head to Jim's Steaks as the posters below note. If you want a taste of a proper cheesesteak and other delicious bites -..." See More

  • 5 mentions in Best cheesesteak not too far from Historic District

    • Lili S.

      Lili S. said, "... Jim's Steaks on South Street would be my pick!..." See More

    • thom m.

      thom m. said, "...would probably be a $8-12 cab ride. If you really want to stay close (within short walking distance) you can try Jim's Steaks on south street or Campo's Deli on market street. however, i will note that those are "touristy" and can..." See More

    • Dennis P.

      Dennis P. said, "...Sonny's Famous Steaks on Market near 3rd street is pretty good, and Jim's Steaks on South St is worth the walk (also hit up the Philadelphia's Magic Gardens while you are there)..." See More

    • Mike G.

      Mike G. said, "...So close to historic area try Jim's Steaks on South Street or Campo's Deli 214 Market Street. I lived in Old City and on South street and both are good choices. Honestly though you should take the $9 cab ride to Pat's..." See More

    • Jim T.

      Jim T. said, "...I like Jim's Steaks or Steaks on South, a few blocks from the Historic District...." See More

  • 3 mentions in Best cheesesteaks in Philly?

    • John K.

      John K. said, "...killer roast pork sandwich, but they easily have the best cheese steak in Philly. If you're in Center City, stop by Jim's Steaks on South st. Definitely skip Pats and Geno's! Enjoy! www.bellyofthepig.com..." See More

    • Angela G.

      Angela G. said, "... Jim's Steaks South Street has always been my favorite. Been eating there for over 30 years! Pat's and Geno's are touristy and over-hyped...." See More

    • Rohenne L.

      Rohenne L. said, "... Jim's Steaks on south street is always a place people enjoy, make sure to ask for the sandwich to be "wet". Also I like Abner's Cheesesteaks, although not a well known place but I like how you can add a fried egg,..." See More

  • 1 mention in A Weekend in Philadelphia- Looking to add things to this itinerary

    • Scott g.

      Scott g. said, "...Take a walk down South Street from about 8th Street. This is where you'll see the freaks, crazy stores, Jim's Steaks, ice cream shops, and its free. Continue down south until you hit the Delaware River. Visit Independence Seaport Museum, Penn's..." See More

  • 1 mention in Philadelphia visit- need hotel, transportation, and dining advice

    • amy L.

      amy L. said, "...Old City. Perfect location and easy walking distance to Center City, Rittenhouse Square, Reading Terminal Market, and the best cheesesteaks ( Jim's Steaks) on South Street. For a more affordable option, you can also check out the Sheraton Philadelphia University City..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best Cheesesteak in Philly?

    • Rachel W.

      Rachel W. said, "...Pat's King of Steaks/Geno’s Steaks is very touristy if you want to check it out. I think Jim's Steaks on South Street has the best though...." See More

  • 1 mention in Food Stops on the way from Philadelphia to New Hope, PA?

    • Angela G.

      Angela G. said, "... Jim's Steaks on south street! You have to get one with wiz and onions...." See More

  • 1 mention in What is there to do in Philly besides eat cheese steaks?

    • Thom L.

      Thom L. said, "...Board : Pork Sandwiches! ($) Pat's King of Steaks ($) the original. Across from Ginos. My favorite to take first-timers to. Jim's Steaks ($): on South Street . You always get a show here! Honey's On South ( South Street ) ($):..." See More