Westminster Abbey, City of London, United Kingdom

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20 Dean's Yard

City of London, United Kingdom SW1P GB

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    • Alex J.

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      Alex J. said, "...where you can see Buckingham Palace the Queen's Official Residence, and into St James's Park, before arriving at Westminster. 4hrs: Visit Westminster Abbey 5hrs: IF you are keen on the London Eye, then cross Westminster Bridge, just by the Houses of Parliament..." See More

    • Courtney R.

      Courtney R. said, "...it. Depending on whether or not you hit St. Paul’s the day before, you might want to think about cutting out Westminster Abbey. It closes at 3:30 and charges 18 pounds admission. If you do try to hit everything, I’d flip..." See More

    • Kristi D.

      Kristi D. said, "...seem to change it every time I go and the last time (April 2014) was the most disappointing. The visit to Westminster Abbey is not cheap but it is worth the money IF you aren't rushing to try to get somewhere else...." See More

  • 2 mentions in Where to visit for out first time out of the country?

    • chuck l.

      chuck l. said, "...great view of London from above. take it near sunset and you can get great evening and night photos of London. Westminster Abbey is a great church with a lot of history and you get to see some important tombs in the..." See More

    • Lynn F.

      Lynn F. said, "...the Tower Of London; Saint Paul's Cathedral & Trafalgar Square & Piccadilly Circusare good areas for exploration. Its worth going into Westminster Abbey. The museums are great & free, too! Good for a rainy day; a walk through Hyde Park is..." See More

  • 2 mentions in 4 days in London - Local insights on attractions and restaurants?

    • Kristi D.

      Kristi D. said, "...don't miss place. You are also going to at least go by some of the famous landmarks-the House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey are near each other, if you decide to visit Westminster Abbey, do the verger tour which is a few..." See More

    • Krista N.

      Krista N. said, "...what you are into! Of course you should see the major things -- Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guards, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye -- but if you are looking for other options, also check out the following... Spitalfields..." See More

  • 2 mentions in London on the Cheap

    • colleen n.

      colleen n. said, "...honestly the outside of the buildings are generally the most interesting part): Buckingham Palace , Trafalgar Square , London Bridge , Westminster Abbey, House Of Parliament , Tower Of London , Olympic Park , etc. The British Museum & others are..." See More

    • Nikhil M.

      Nikhil M. said, "...and lots of other interesting places. Also there are lots of street performers on South Bank Centre and even song at Westminster Abbey that are free. You could check out our London experience at: http://nikhilanjalyadventures.blogspot.sg/..." See More

  • 2 mentions in Must sees in London??

    • Johnny K.

      Johnny K. said, "...funniest maitre in London.. if you're into museums.. Tate Modern.. theatre.. Shakespeare's Globe.. do a walk from House Of Parliament to Westminster Abbey then walk past 10 Downing Street.. take a pic.. up to Trafalgar Square.. take a picture on a lion....." See More

    • Ashley and Ryan R.

      Ashley and Ryan R. said, "...you do the walk to the dome. Big Ben and House of Parliament are also musts(right next to each other) and Westminster Abbey is right across the way and great. Tower Bridge is also in the vicinity, hard to miss. Hyde Park..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best places to explore in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Switzerland?

    • Kristi D.

      Kristi D. said, "...at least one castle or palace outside London, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, Warwick Castle. You can visit Saint Paul's Cathedralor Westminster Abbey. Theater in London is great, I'm just back from London and I got 1/2 price tickets to "War..." See More

  • 1 mention in Newcomer to London

    • Jaleh N.

      Jaleh N. said, "...Hampton Court Palace right outside of the city, walking around Camden Town or Piccadilly Circus Travel Information Centre, and going into Westminster Abbey...." See More

  • 1 mention in Must sees/dos for first timer in England in early October

    • Kristi D.

      Kristi D. said, "...seeing the Tower Of London, Portobello Market, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Harrods on all of the visits, Camden Market, Westminster Abbey and The British Museum on two of the visits. I've also taken different ones of them to The Windsor..." See More

  • 1 mention in Help us plan a week in London in May/June

    • colleen n.

      colleen n. said, "..., and Sushisamba . You can do all of the normal touristy sights - Buckingham Palace , Tower Of London , Westminster Abbey etc. depending on your interests. FYI all of these are interesting but a little pricey and time consuming to..." See More

  • 1 mention in Restaurants/Nightlife/Cultural Landmarks in London this summer

    • Kristi D.

      Kristi D. said, "...of Parliament which open in the summer as well for visitors. I take all 1st timers to the Tower Of London, Westminster Abbey and The Windsor Castle if a longer visit. I also try to hit the markets, younger folks seem to..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best budget hotels in London?

    • Michael K.

      Michael K. said, "...station (trains pretty much every couple of minutes) to Victoria which leaves you within walking distance of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey. There are many other areas with similar attractions..." See More

  • 1 mention in Can't leave Europe without doing… ?

    • Lynn F.

      Lynn F. said, "...fancy. Personally I love the Tower Of London & its history. Then there is Saint Paul's Cathedral, the Houses Of Parliment, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square. Churchill's War Rooms are amazing! If you are a Beatles fan, find the Abbey..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best place to take family with two teens/boys and one 22 year old/girl?

    • Sean K.

      Sean K. said, "...is concerned, I'm sure you know most of the places. I've been to, and enjoyed, The British Museum, the National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, Saint Paul's Cathedral, St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, ect. However, these three are my personal favorites...." See More

  • 1 mention in Best itinerary for 3 days in London and 4 days in Paris

    • Jen D.

      Jen D. said, "...hilarious and informative--plus your kids will love this place--you can climb very tight spiral staircases), river cruise on the River Thames, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace with St James' Park (they will love all the birds and white pelicans), Big Ben/Parliament Square...." See More

  • 1 mention in What tourist traps around the world are worth the visit?

    • Lindsey B.

      Lindsey B. said, "... Westminster Abbey in London. Also the London Eye it's worth the lines to see London from that vantage point, get your tickets online to save a bit of the headache! Also, Harrods!!! Upstate New York; Cooperstown, if you're into baseball hit up..." See More

  • 1 mention in 4 days in London 4 days in Venice

    • Polly B.

      Polly B. said, "...sure others will have more ideas for things to see, especially in London! DAY 1 visit the House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, DAY 2 spend the morning walking around Trafalgar Square,..." See More

  • 1 mention in What are the top 5 sights I can't miss in London?

    • Lindsay H.

      Lindsay H. said, "...but out of all the places in London to visit, you cannot miss seeing the Covent Garden, Greenwich Market, Borough Market, Westminster Abbey and although super touristy, the London Eye is beautiful! Premier Inn London County Hall Hotel, Comfort Inn Buckingham Palace..." See More

  • 1 mention in I've got 24hrs, can anyone map it out for the wife and I?

    • Allison B.

      Allison B. said, "...get reduced price tickets at the TKTS booth in Leicester Square Must sees should include Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, or just a walk down the River Thames..." See More

  • 1 mention in Where to stay in London that's conveniently located for first timer

    • Sunil M.

      Sunil M. said, "...assume you want to do all of the classic london sights (Trafalgar Square, The British Museum, South Bank of the Thames, Westminster Abbey etc. etc.) and bus/boat tours are probably the best to cover all the places.. So i suggest you stay..." See More

  • 1 mention in Top ten must see places in Germany, France and UK

    • Megan O.

      Megan O. said, "...I experienced so much in just one day. I went to Buckingham Palace , London Bridge , Tower Of London , Westminster Abbey, Thames River Boats , Big Ben , Mephisto Picadilly Circus and a few other places all without having..." See More

  • 1 mention in Must visit in 3 days

    • Jade F.

      Jade F. said, "...a few other fun places nearby - definitely worth checking out the area! If you haven't toured the House Of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, or Saint Paul's Cathedral, they are all well worth it. We really enjoyed the view from the London..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best cities in England to visit by train from London?

    • Lindsey B.

      Lindsey B. said, "...but a lot of people are very fascinated by it). Tourist traps in London that are totally worth it: Covent Garden, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and Harrods!!..." See More

  • 1 mention in Help with an itinerary for 20 days in Europe

    • Emily N.

      Emily N. said, "...British Museum or Tate Modern), one government/royal thing (Buckingham Palace or House of Parliament), one historical site (Churchill War Rooms or Westminster Abbey) and one outdoor spectacle (Big Ben or Trafalgar Square). Then just pick a neighborhood to walk around and..." See More

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