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District of Columbia, DC 20024

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  • 4 mentions in Getting from Union Station to National Mall?

    • Tiffany W.

      Tiffany W. said, "...Exactly. You'll see the Capitol Visitors Center from Union Station which sits at one extreme of the National Mall, so it's just a few blocks walk to that end and a nice walk though it. If you'd rather Metro, you'll exit..." See More

    • Liz B.

      Liz B. said, "...You will exit at the Smithsonian stop. There are two exits at the Smithsonian stop-- one that is directly on the National Mall (which features the Lincoln National Memorial, Washington Monument, Museum of Natural History, and the National Museum of American History)...." See More

    • JoVonna B.

      JoVonna B. said, "...Get on the metro at Union Station and ride it to a stop near the National Mall." See More

    • Michael S.

      Michael S. said, "...Union Station is basically at the "top" of the National Mall. You could easily walk, depending how far down the mall you want to go. There is also Capital Bikeshare. But no good direct Metro options. A taxi to somewhere mid-mall..." See More

  • 4 mentions in Fun free things to do in D.C.?

    • Tiffany W.

      Tiffany W. said, "...think the only expensive thing about DC is lodging and some restaurants. FREE MUSEUMS: The first 12 are all along the National Mall. National Gallery of Art - A HUGE art museum with both old and modern art pieces and an..." See More

    • Ellen H.

      Ellen H. said, "...and flowers, stop in at the United States Botanic Garden at the base of the Capitol. It is close to the National Mall (with the Smithsonian museums) as well as the Capitol itself...." See More

    • Scotty A.

      Scotty A. said, "...cost little to no money to do! Of course you already know about The Smithsonian and all the things along the National Mall. But since you like history, here is a best kept secret... Plan a stop at National Building Museum...." See More

    • Jacey & Scott M.

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      Jacey & Scott M. said, "...endless. I believe all but one of the nineteen Smithsonian affiliated museums is free. Many of these are located along the National Mall. The National Zoological Park (Smithsonian). Presidential monuments, war monuments, National Gallery of Art, US National Archives & Records..." See More

  • 3 mentions in What to see in Georgetown?

    • peggy r.

      peggy r. said, "...Street and Madison where you can get a good view and a few photos. From there you should walk along the National Mall and stop in any museums that interest you. That will take you up to 14th street. As soon as..." See More

    • Tiffany W.

      Tiffany W. said, "...Memorial, MLK Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial. From here you'd loop back along the Tidal Basin towards the National Mall. At the National Mall, starting at the Washington Monument and walking on the right towards the United States..." See More

    • Margot M.

      Margot M. said, "...much time to cover could spend an entire day in one or two museums. If you go down to the National Mall you will cover most of the museums, but you really need more time to get a good mix. Also,..." See More

  • 3 mentions in How to make the most of three days in DC

    • Erin M.

      Erin M. said, "...quickly: There is normally weekend track work so be prepared for some delays if you come over a weekend. The National Mall and all of its museums are a must. Start on Capitol Hill and 8th Street, NE/Barracks Row. There are..." See More

    • Rachel C.

      Rachel C. said, "...There is so much to do in DC but if you are limited in time, I would say The National Mall should definitely be a stop. They just reopened The Washington Monument, and if you want to go up in it you..." See More

    • Marina M.

      Marina M. said, " all of the great monuments. If you're looking for a more educational experience you can always go down to the National Mall (holds the National monument--the Pencil) and all aligned the Mall are National museums and art galleries. If that's not..." See More

  • 2 mentions in Good things to do & hidden gems in NYC, DC, Boston & Philadelphia?

    • Kaitlyn K.

      Kaitlyn K. said, "...of the other Smithsonian museums (which the Air & Space Museum is a part of) are really a national treasure. The National Mall is a great place to take a picnic or just stroll through, there's always people out there meeting up,..." See More

    • Kaitlyn K.

      Kaitlyn K. said, "...of the other Smithsonian museums (which the Air & Space Museum is a part of) are really a national treasure. The National Mall is a great place to take a picnic or just stroll through, there's always people out there meeting up,..." See More

  • 2 mentions in Best area to stay and hotels in D.C.?

    • Polly B.

      Polly B. said, "...The National Mall is where you'll probably spend most of your time, surrounded by museums and monuments. That said, it's easy to burn out on sightseeing, especially if it's hot and humid, so luckily there's more to DC than this area. Foggy..." See More

    • peggy r.

      peggy r. said, "...and a good place to walk around and relax at night if you don't feel like sightseeing. The walk to the National Mall is about a mile, not far, but if that is too much for you, use the Dupont Circle Metro..." See More

  • 2 mentions in What are the most popular neighborhoods in D.C.?

    • peggy r.

      peggy r. said, " staying in that area in the evening would be fun.You could take the Metro directly to the center of the National Mall as well as to so many other areas in the city. Look up the Washington Circulator. It is a..." See More

    • Nars K.

      Nars K. said, "...DC neighborhood for dining, shopping and nightlife. Washington Marriott Georgetown seems to be a good option, under 2 miles from the National Mall area. Have fun...." See More

  • 1 mention in How many days do I need to visit Washington DC?

    • Tiffany W.

      Tiffany W. said, "...spend an entire day in just ONE Smithsonian museum, if you're short on time, you can stop in 3-4 on the National Mall and get a taste of what they have. Don't miss the flag exhibit at National Museum of American History..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best free things to do in Washington, DC?

    • Cristiane G.

      Cristiane G. said, "...Hi Katie, Glad to hear you are coming to the coolest city in America! The National Mall has many museums and land marks which are all free. I suggest that you look into Free Tours by Foot and choose one (or more)..." See More

  • 1 mention in What are the best things to eat, see and do as a local in Washington, DC?

    • Brad B.

      Brad B. said, "...DC is actually really easy to plan for. I like to stay between the Adams Morgan neighborhood and the National Mall so you can walk or have a short cab ride to all the museums and monuments as well as all the..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best of the Smithsonian?

    • Carly W.

      Carly W. said, "...The National Mall is a great place to start. There is the Lincoln Memorial with the blossom trees, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is a nice walk and interesting quotes along the walls. The National World War II Memorial, Washington Monument and Vietnam..." See More

  • 1 mention in What's the best way to experience Washington DC like a local?

    • Martha A.

      Martha A. said, "...waterfront near The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. You can cross the road and be right on the National Mall. Take a lock and chain along and lock you bikes up right in front of one of the..." See More

  • 1 mention in Good restaurants for kids in the D.C. area.

    • Tiffany W.

      Tiffany W. said, " to DC all the time, we don't eat out there a lot. Do be prepared that in and around the National Mall and Capitol Building areas, there is nothing to eat outside of overpriced museum food and food truck junk food...." See More

  • 1 mention in What to do with teens on spring break?

    • Heath A.

      Heath A. said, "...Some of the best museums in the city are on the National Mall but are not as well known. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is a great modern art museum on the Mall. The United States Botanic Garden is also not as..." See More

  • 1 mention in First time visiting Washington, DC

    • chris f.

      chris f. said, "...really enjoyed it, lots and lots to see - some cool exibits. be sure to take some time to walk the National Mall depending on how much time you give you can see ww2, vietnam, lincoln, washington, capitol building if you go..." See More

  • 1 mention in Best hotel near museums

    • Brian Y.

      Brian Y. said, "...Dupont Circle is a great place to stay. Take the metro red line to the National Mall and see all of the Smithsonian museums for free. Then back to Dupont for some great restaurants at night. Chinatown would also be another option...." See More

  • 1 mention in what are the must sees for a 3 day stay next week in washington dc ?

    • Andy D.

      Andy D. said, "...National Museum of American History and air & space museum Plan 2-4 hour in each. Walk the National Mall..." See More

  • 1 mention in Looking for things to do in DC?

    • Tiffany W.

      Tiffany W. said, " jump off the train and take the red line. If you're interested in seeing some of the museums along the National Mall, take either the Archives Metro Station or the Smithsonian Metro Station stops (these are on other lines, so..." See More

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